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Q&A with Viviana Gabeiras: 'The Matrix & Star Trek movies were my inspirations'

Q&A with Viviana Gabeiras: “The Matrix and Star Trek movies were my inspirations with a hero feeling of it”
Q&A with Viviana Gabeiras: “The Matrix and Star Trek movies were my inspirations with a hero feeling of it”
Miami Fashion Spotlight

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LR-How do you feel about being selected as one of the five finalists?

“This is very exciting! I am loving the whole project,” said Gabeiras. “Love the challenge and at the same time I feel like I am back in college--It is a great opportunity and I am grateful that Eastern Airlines has thought on Miami designers.”

LR- LR- What was the first thing you did when you got the good news?

“I sent a WhatsApp to my entire family. As family, we are all connected there (WhatsApp)—we share everything at the same time and everyone is informed,” added Gabeiras. “They are waiting for the big news!”

LR- LR- Tell us a little about your proposal, how would you dress the new flight attendants?

“My vision is a very contemporary look fused with an athletic and futuristic personality in mind, with class and chic updated to add elegance and luxury but adding a twist of coolness and edgy attitude. Yet, it is also feminine, youthful with a few drops of sexiness, super comfort, functional, practical and a convertible way of styling the uniform pieces around was a must,” said Gabeiras.

LR- What was the inspiration behind your proposal?

“The Matrix and Star Trek movies were my inspirations with a hero feeling of it, because our stewards are heroes, they risk their lives everyday for us and they represent in the air a safe feeling which gives us tranquility while in the air and we must not forget what they stand for!” added Gabeiras.

LR- Could you define your proposal with just one word?

“Future!” said Gabeiras.

LR- The rules of this competition require that each designer propose a futuristic design, tell us a little bit about yours.

“Is the heroine of the sky, white stands for peace, it is a complete jumpsuit and overlaying another piece that looks like a skirt tail/corset and a sheer cape!” added Gabeiras.

LR- What do you think it takes to win this competition?

“This is all going to be on the judges and who they are. At this moment we don’t know if they are following a criteria or is totally free. But, if I were a judge, I must say: design, composition, product development, fabrication, experience, and focus on your vision,” said Gabeiras.

LR- If you could pick another finalist, beside yourself, to win this competition who would it be and why?

“I have not seen really in detail any of the other projects, even though we have a Press Conference, we couldn’t really focus on that,” added Gabeiras. “Each one has a different approach and they are my friends, and I wish all the best.”

LR- What will be the first thing you do if you win?

“I probably won’t stand my own self! It will be an overwhelming sensation!” added Gabeiras laughing. “Definitely I will drink Champagne with my family and Petit Pois’ family, because they deserve as much as I do, and of course sleep--this has been quite a ride!”

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