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Q&A with Vincent Caso on The Guild


Season four of the popular web series The Guild premiers on Xbox Live and MSN Video in a little over two weeks on July 13th. Vincent Caso, who you might know for his role as the character Bladezz on The Guild, recently spoke with Examiner about his role on the show and what to expect in the upcoming fourth season.

How did you initially get involved with The Guild?

It was pretty much your ordinary audition. Got called in by my agent, got the script, met Felicia and the casting director, did my bit, and that was it. Got the call that I booked it just a little thereafter.

In your opinion, what's the best part of being a part of the show?

I love what it is doing for the New Media movement. When we first started making The Guild, there were very few "webseries" around. I'm definitely not saying that The Guild was solely responsible for the expansion of New Media, no, I'm just saying that it feels great to be part of that incredible wave during its pivotal formative years.

Has the production of episodes changed since the first season?

Sooooooo much. Season one was about five people, mostly borrowed equipment, potato-chip craft services, and it was funded entirely by donation. (The actors and crew all worked as volunteers, as well). Nowadays we have a full crew, great equipment, great food, and everything that one would look for on a well-run set. Even the production quality of the show itself is evident season to season.

The show is about MMORPG players but what type of video games do you play in real life (if any)?

After filming Season 1, I tried a bit of WoW, but quit after a few months. I'm really into RTS (Starcraft) and RPG (Oblivion, Fallout, Diablo) games, and a few "shoot-em-up" types (Left 4 Dead 2). But I don't actually game very often. I find myself not having much time for it recently.

What's it like being able to watch yourself acting in something? Can you still enjoy watching The Guild even though you are in it or does that take away some of the believability?

To be honest, I love seeing myself on screen. It's not even an ego-driven or any such self-centered thing, I'm just excited to be a part of something like this. (The rest of the cast thinks it's weird that I laugh at my own lines, but I think the writing is funny, I can't help it!)

The Guild
The Knights of Good 

What can we expect from season four of The Guild?

Ok, well. First, we discover that Codex is pregnant (gasp!), only to then find out that the baby is Zaboo's (double-gasp!). This leads Vork to insist that Codex and Zaboo get married, even though their love has not truly blossomed. But only days before the wedding, Codex goes into labor, several months early! Not only that, but the baby that emerges from her womb reeks of the greatest evil this Earth hath known. That's right, Codex births the Anti-Christ! Now things start getting a little weird. The Evil Baby (whom Codex and Zaboo decide to name Gandhi, out of sincerest respect) opens a portal into time. Gandhi then summons a legion of Nazis to slay Vork, who -- as we find out -- is destined to lead a revolutionary uprising in the year 2038. Only when things REALLY begin looking grim do we discover a glimmer of hope... Clara goes into labor, as well! Her baby is birthed in a blast of holy light, and is revealed to be St. Michael himself! Gandhi (the baby) and St. Michael (the baby) then launch into an epic battle that rocks this world to its very core! Dogs and cats live together, Sarah Palin reads a newspaper, Bladezz and Tink hook up, and Ozzy Ozbourne becomes coherent. Basically, things are gettin' REAL. Then Dena steps in and, deciding that ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, opens a rift in space-time and sends the entire Guild back to the start of Season 1, while simultaneously erasing their memories. Then the whole thing starts over from the beginning.

Ok, so that MAY have been made up. You'll just have to watch and see what happens in Season 4! ;)

In the season three finale, Bladezz and Tinkerballa both apologized to one another for how they had been acting. Will they have a drastically different relationship in the upcoming season?

Things don't change too much between Tink and Bladezz.. or do they? Really, I'd like to think that things go back to normal, but we'll just have to see!

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