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Q&A with The Williams Brothers Band

Pictures of various festivals of the band rocking out and a flyer for there next show!!!
Pictures of various festivals of the band rocking out and a flyer for there next show!!!
The Williams Brothers Band Facebook Page

The Williams Brothers Band is an established band in the community of the western slope. With over twenty years of experience. The bands High Desert Americana /Classic Rock has been influential in Western United States playing in numerous festivals with a tons of originality. The band consists of James (Band Leader/Guitar), Phillip (Guitar/Vocals), Allen (Bass) Jared (Drums/Vocals), Donny, Glen, and Andy... James is answering all the answers.

Q: How did The Williams Brothers Band start?

A: It was a natural progression. My brother and I were raised in a very musical environment. Our parents had what was considered the best blues record collection in the east Bay Area. We grew up in Oakland, the only white kids on our street, which afforded us exposure to a lot of funk, R&B, gospel & soul as well. My father was a country/western fan, and most of my parents friends were hippies or bikers which brought around the psychedelic, & harder rock... Mix all that together with being taught to sing by ladies at church and it was pretty much destined that we would play music professionally at some point in our lives.

Q: Does your band have a funny story or do you guys do anything to warm-up?

A: We always say a prayer before we go on stage .... The guys always ask me what the first song is and I never know, we don't use a set list, I call songs in the moment.... We have a ridiculous amount of funny stories, but none are "clean" enough to print, but they do usually involve our drummer, who subsequently had acquired a lot of nicknames because of such stories...

Q: What is the future of the band?

A: We are currently finishing out the fall shows Denver Rock n Roll Marathon and a show with Rusted Root and the Las Vegas Rock n Roll Marathon in November. Then into the studio to record an all new all original studio album scheduled for release spring of 2014. Then we will tour the western states to support that album Spring/Summer 2014.

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