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Q&A with ‘The Human Race’ star Eddie McGee

One of the surprising sci fi thrillers to hit the theaters and VOD outlets this year is the conceptual man vs man battle The Human Race. The star of the film is the very talented actor Eddie McGee and he was kind enough to answer a few questions regarding the film and his role. The Human Race is a film that many will enjoy as it gives the nod to classics like Battle Royale and The Running Man.

"Exclusive Q&A with The Human Race star Eddie McGee"
XLrator Media

Here is the interview:

What kinda research did you do in preparation for your role? Watch any films like The Running Man, Battle Royale etc.?

Yeah, I went back and watched Tron , Run Lola Run and Battle Royale. All great films and they helped put in the mindset for this picture. I also trained relentlessly since I knew there was going to be a great deal of running involved.

Could you imagine something like this ever happening to mankind?

Nahhhh, I don't think so. But it is very cool to imagine.

How much of a physical toll did the role place on your body during the filming?

Paul (Hough, director) had me start training for this film six months before shooting and being that it took four years to shoot I had to stay on this training regiment. It was exhausting but I enjoyed the challenge.

Why couldn't the people all run together and talk to figure this thing out?

They certainly try. But it comes down to fear. Fear that you can't trust someone else. Then it comes down to self-survival.

How difficult was the dialogue between all the cast members was it chaos to contain?

No, we were lucky to have a great cast, great director who really made us all comfortable. Off-screen we all got along great - on screen - well, it was a bloody mess.

How engaged in your role must you be when the scene calls for you to slit someone's throat?

It was a first for me. And while the shot was slightly cut up in the final version of the movie - we only had one chance to get it for real. So I had to make sure I was in the zone and give Paul what he wanted while trying to be safe and not hurt the other actor. The cool thing about the knife slitting scene is that the glass was actually added in after - not many people know that.

How was your experience working with Paul Hough?

Great, we are old friends and he is just a great director. A real visionary who knows above all how to talk and relate to actors. I know he got the best out of me.

When the numbers start to drop its inevitable for the film to take such a dark turn would you agree?

Yeah, when we see the numbers drop fear strikes. It becomes a film of survival and doing what it takes to come out on top. It is very brutal and horrifying to imagine how scary this type of situation would be in real life.

What's one thing that will surprise people upon viewing The Human Race?

I think people will enjoy the diverse characters in this film. It's not your usual bunch of teens - and represents the human race well. But most of all I love the ending, and think people will enjoy that a lot.

The Human Race is now playing in select theaters and on demand. It is directed by Paul Hough and stars Paul McCarthy-Boyington, Eddie McGee, Trista Robinson, T. Arthur Cottam, Fred Coury, and Richard Gale.

The Human Race is being released courtesy of XLrator Media.

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