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Q&A with Julian Chang, 'My inspiration was to capture the Miami Look!'

Q&A with Julian Chang, “My inspiration was to capture the Miami Look!”
Q&A with Julian Chang, “My inspiration was to capture the Miami Look!”
Miami Fashion Spotlight

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LR- How do you feel about being selected as one of the five finalists?

“I am honored and excited, particularly since it is providing me with an opportunity to be associated with such an iconic brand as Eastern Airlines, and with the experienced management team now in leadership positions at Eastern, and to design something different than what we have typically been doing,” said Chang.

LR - What was the first thing you did when you got the good news?

“I was very pleased, and I guess I started thinking about creating the uniforms from the designs that reflect both the image of Eastern Airlines as well as the Julian Chang look,” added Chang.

LR - Tell us a little about your proposal, how would you dress the new flight attendants?

“My designs are a ready to wear collection that will be great uniforms while being comfortable and feminine,” said Chang.

LR - What was the inspiration behind your proposal?

“To capture the ‘Miami’ look and make it one and the same as the Eastern Airlines image by capturing the DNA of the company in the design,” added Chang.

LR - Could you define your proposal with just one word?

“Fun,” said Chang, laughing.

LR - The rules of this competition require that each designer propose a futuristic design, tell us a little bit about yours.

“It incorporates my vision of the future of Miami Fashion and the Eastern Airlines future success story in bringing a controlled fitted look,” added Chang.

LR - What do you think it takes to win this competition?

“Fulfilling the vision that the Eastern Airlines executive team has for the airline,” said Chang.

LR - If you could pick another finalist, beside yourself, to win this competition who would it be and why?

“Each designer had a different approach, and after focusing so intensely on my concept it is difficult for me to select one,” said Chang.

LR - What will be the first thing you do if you win?

“Thank the Eastern team for selecting me, and assure them that I will work with them to make the designs one more element in Eastern’s future success story, while at the same time planning the production and sourcing of the uniforms,” said Chang.

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