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Q&A with Jamie Madrox of Twiztid

Madrox and Monoxide are Twiztid.
Madrox and Monoxide are Twiztid.
Jason Shaltz

Jamie Madrox and Monoxide Child are Twiztid. The horrocore duo has over fifteen years in the music business under its belt but feels like they’re just getting started.

Twiztid left the Insane Clown Posse’s Psychopathic Records in 2012 to start its own label. The group’s recent release, the third from the Twiztid label, Get Twiztid, is a 5-song EP that features appearances by Blaze Ya Dead Homie, Da Mafia Six, Chris Webby, Kung Fu Vampire, Whitney Peyton, and RA The Rugged Man.

The duo is currently on the Bootleg Banner tour throughout the Midwest alongside Blaze Ya Head Homie and Smokehouse Junkiez.

Madrox of Twiztid spoke to about the group’s current tour, its love for their “Family”, and their new EP, Get Twiztid.

SS: Tell me about the new Get Twiztid EP.

Jamie Madrox: It's really good, we have been wanting to record a full-length record for a minute now, but with all the things going on in our current world with starting up our own label, signing artists, getting ready to hit the road again, and working on several new videos, it's the closest thing to a full-length record we could get out in time. Make no mistake about it; although it's just an EP it still kicks much more ass than most of the full-length albums I've purchased in this last month alone.

SS: You also have the mixtape, 4 Tha Fam: Volume 2 that recently dropped. Why’d you decide to release those projects so close together?

Jamie Madrox: The 4 The Fam volume 2 mixtape is more of a Family appreciation effort. It’s something special for those who have stood with us along our journey to where we are now currently in our lives. We can never say thank you enough to those who we call "The Family" but we decided that giving them an hour-plus of entertainment for absolutely free was a damn good start, and a nice way to usher in the new era of Twiztid.

SS: Last year you released the single ‘The Deep End’, which had a very serious message. What inspired that song?

Jamie Madrox: We have dealt with topics of suicide and all-encompassing tragedies in some of our past records, but with ‘The Deep End’ we wanted to really amp up the seriousness of the matter, almost in an effort to make the song and its corresponding video a public service announcement of sorts. Its message was and is simple yet deep -- No matter what life throws at you take it in stride, never give up or quit, and never take your own life. We have heard way too many sad stories of The Family falling victim to their own demise and enough is enough. We will always be here for them all if no one else is.

SS: A lot of people in Hip-Hop have a negative view of the Juggalo movement. Was that ever a concern for you guys to gain acceptance?

Jamie Madrox: I'm a firm believer that if you make the music that you want to make, and it makes you happy others will find their way to it and enjoy and appreciate it as much as you do. I don't like sh*t to be forced, or pushed on people -- there's nothing genuine in that! So if we are not acceptable to a certain demographic of music so be it. My brother and I have been outcasts all of our lives, so it's a little late in the game to get mad if people don't accept us. I prefer to be a glass half full guy and cherish the ones who do accept us rather than be concerned with any of those who don't.

SS: What do you have in-store for fans that come to check you out on the Bootleg Banner tour?

Jamie Madrox: We put on one hell of a show! We rock the dead! Even though we're a theatrical band, we don't have to rely on props and other theatrical sh*t to make our show. Me and Monoxide will rock faces off with the venue lights on and two corded mics and people will still be like, "They are amazing, I don't even think they had a back drop,” [laughs]. We leave it all on stage as we are honored that people take the time to represent for us and come out to see us play. Haven't seen Twiztid live? What the f*ck are you waiting for?

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