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Q&A With IDAPT Modulo – The Ultimate Charing Device + Chance to Win

Q&A With IDAPT Modulo – The Ultimate Charing Device + Chance to Win
Q&A With IDAPT Modulo – The Ultimate Charing Device + Chance to Win

Chance to win a package of 3x Modulo, Skins and SmartAttach, Micro USB, iPhone Lightning short cables. and the Kickstarter special pouch from IDAPT

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Portable devices are becoming more and more key to living a mobile lifestyle. The folks over at IDAPT saw a way to get more out of portable devices and went for it. Enter the Modulu. Unlike some devices, this one will keep you charged for the day, allow you to charge multiple devices and avoid the hassle of tangled cords. The company is based in Barcelona- and you will notice because of the clean balance between aesthetics and functionality.

Right now the company is running a Kickstarter campaign after receiving the “Best Of Show” award at the CES 2014 on the most important consumer electronics show in Las Vegas. The teams says getting in touch with the Kickstarter community will challenge all your marketing mix and help you to improve the value proposal.

After the campaign Modulo will be available for preorders on this Website:

We had a chance to catch up with the innovative company. Here is what we found out.

Q: How have you seen trends toward solar energy change?

We’re sure that Solar charging solutions will play a key role in the power supply of the future. The good think is that everyone owning the right devices can produce his or her own energy for free even with relatively small panels. Small panels will not replace the original chargers in the near future but are perfect complements while on the go.
Our innovative solution is designed to be compact but at the same time possesses enough panels to charge a device as fast as an original charger at 1 Amp.

Q: What is the biggest challenge in the business?

The biggest challenge is giving life to an idea. It is well known that ideas are worth little, if the execution is not done the right way.

Modulo is really an amazing product! We have achieved to design and engineer a smart and convenient modular system, which combines all the charging technology from IDAPT core business into a tiny and portable product!

And on top, you have a set of various accessories that lets you customize to your lifestyle. From a wireless receiver to the outdoor Solar Modulo, the accessories will satisfy any customers preference.

Q: What makes Idapt different than others in this line of work?

IDAPT has managed to come up with several innovative and patented concepts over the years. Design, production and international distribution. Few companies have managed to handle successfully over the years creativity and operations. We own a solid base with designers/engineers internally as well as production offices in china. And several sales/operations throughout the world (Europe, HK, USA). We are building a sustainable competitive advantage mesh in the key areas of our core business in order to grow as a company and brand.

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