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Q & A with Greg Haney : Voice of Get Focused Radio & the man behind "5 Senses Thursdays"


Greg Haney host Get Focus Radio. Mondays 9-11 WBIX 1060am

It was 8 o'clock on a Monday night and I was sitting in a dimly lit room in a building hidden away from the rest of Framingham. I quietly watched as Framingham native Greg Haney gets ready to host tonight's Get Focus Radio show on 1060am. Once he was set up he took his time to explain  how Get Focused Radio and "5 Senses Thursdays" at Los Compadres in Framingham came to be.

How did Get Focused Radio get started?

I started out as a rapper and there were many occasion where I tried to get my music played by radio stations in and around Boston. It always came up with the same results, which was that no one wanted to play my music because I didn't have to strong of a following. So in October 2008, I decided to take it upon myself to learn how to run a radio station. I knew we had a station here in Framingham, so me and a buddy of mine came down here (WBIX 1060 am) and pitched the idea. The pitch was that we would offer unsigned artist exposure on the radio. They liked it and gave us a time slot.  I did this mainly because there is a lot of talent in Framingham and there is not many outlets for them. Since it is a difficult task to get your music played on the radio, I figured if we could offer that avenue to local artist,  we could be doing something great for the community.

Is it strictly just local artist or have you expanded since 08?

It has definitely expanded. The thing about Get Focused Radio (WBIX 1060 am) is that it streams live on the internet (Get Focused Radio). So now I'm receiving music from all around the globe. It started out here in Framingham, then it started to move down the East Coast, and then over to California. Now I am getting music from Lithuania, Russia, all over Europe. 

Do you have a large audience tuning in on Monday nights?

We just switched from Sundays at 9pm to Mondays at 9pm and that has been a little difficult getting listeners to follow. In the beginning it was very slow but now it is going great. We get a lot of calls telling us that they appreciate what I am doing.  We also use to do trivia, give away prizes and money to callers. Tonight (April 12) I am giving away $1200, right out of my pocket to a lucky caller. So I hope we have a lot of people listening and calling in tonight.

Greg Haney: The voice of Get Focused Radio

What are your plans for Get Focused Radio in the future?

 I hope I can gain lots of sponsorships to keep the station going because right now everything is coming out of my pocket. I guess my plans with it is to just keep doing it and keep it around. We have gain so much support from a lot of artist outside of Massachusetts that have come to realize that there aren't too many radio stations like Get Focused Radio. In the back of my mind as long as I can give unsigned Artist a chance to have their music played and exposed then thats good enough for me.

You also host "5 Senses Thursdays" at Los Compadres in Framingham. How did that start?

It started last February when me and some friends would go there to chill. I grew up in Framingham and I know that there really isn't too much to do around here so I wanted to offer some of the kids a place to go at night. There is a lot of drugs and violence around here and I wanted to give young people a safe place to go to. Back in the day we had a few clubs in Framingham, but when they closed, kids went right back to the streets.  So I decided that I would pay for a venue and whatever night they can give me and do something for the public. I know a lot of kids in Framingham that like urban style music, so I decided to incorporate that into Thursdays at Los Compadres. So what we do is play the music you hear on mainstream radio, Get Focused Radio, music that my recorded label (East High Entertainment)  and I have created, and sometimes live performances. 

5 Senses Thursdays at Los Compadres

How are Thursday nights working out at Los Compadres?

Our first night at Los Compadres we had live performances and about 100 to 150 people showed up. It's been starting to lag after opening night though.

I like what I am doing at Los Compadres, it's a stepping stone. From working on the radio I've learned that nothing starts out great. You just have to hope that it ends up doing well.

To support Greg Haney, tune into 1060am Mondays from 9-11pm and listen to some great unsigned music. If you also live in or around Framingham stop by Los Compadres on Waverly Street for 5 Senses Thursdays. 



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