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Q&A with founders of Bespoke Pedaler

Q&A with founders of Bespoke Pedaler
Q&A with founders of Bespoke Pedaler

A hip new bike boutique has opened in the South Platte neighborhood. Inside the Bespoke Pedaler you will find clothing and accessories focused on the urban bicyclist. Bottom line – find clothes that are bike friendly and still cute enough to wear into the office. We catch up with owners Emily Hogle and Rick Evans, who both share a love for cycling, to learn more about the concept.

Q: How did the idea for BeSpoke Pedaler come to be?

The Bespoke Pedaler came out of a passion and love for bicycling. As we considered the ways we could start a business around bikes we noticed that the market was not adequately supporting people who ride bikes for leisurely outings, commuting to work, or as a choice for general transportation in their everyday life. The notion that you have to dress one way to be on your bike and one way to participate in your life can keep a lot of people from riding on a daily basis and in fact there are apparel and accessories companies out there that have begun to support this active culture and we endeavored to bring those brands together into one location.

Q: What is the biggest challenge of the business, and biggest reward?

The biggest challenge at present is educating people who may not realize this is a possibility in their life so there is this mental hurdle that is sometimes hard to jump over like “so I can sweat in these clothes and they really won’t smell?” and showing people while some products are more bike specific than others, the brands we carry are at their core designed for the active lifestyle and transcend just a life on the bike. They translate to the golf course, the ball park, the skateboard, the hike. It’s all about seamlessly transitioning from your activity to your life. The greatest reward is when someone walks in the shop and says “oh my gosh, I am so glad I found your store. This is going to help me commute regularly like I’ve always wanted.”, or something along those lines.

Q: How has the area of South Platte changed over the last few years?

The development and connectivity of the trails combined with the pedestrian bridges between LoHi/Downtown, the proximity to sporting events, and now Union Station have given South Platte the opportunity to evolve into a nicely defined shopping district full of quality companies. While it is still a conduit and hub of sorts, people have slowly started to realize that Platte Street is a wonderful area to spend a day shopping, eating, and enjoying beautiful Colorado. Don’t miss it!

Q: Tell us a little about your background. Have you owned a business before?

Rick is an architect and Emily is an interior designer by profession. The business naturally evolved after working successfully together for a number of years in the design world and sharing a love for bikes. This is the first business for us both.

Q: What do you most love about Colorado?

The general mentality in Colorado is work to live not live to work. This collective desire to live a fruitful life outside of the 9-5 seems to generate a lot of creativity and as such Colorado seems to be a hot bed for entrepreneurship. It’s hard not to want to ride that wave.

Q: What is something readers would be surprised to know about you or your business?

The Bespoke Pedaler is the only shop of its kind in Colorado and we are the first in the United States to carry several of our brands! It might not be a surprise, but because we are such a new business and new retail concept, we want people to know that we are listening to what people want and need and are already refining, tweaking, and expanding our offerings to support the community. So please keep in touch, like us on FB, follow Instagram, keep popping in, and watch us grow!

Address: 1550 Platte Street

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