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Q&A with E! Fashion Police co-host George Kotsiopoulos

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The Gap Factory

As the brand ambassador for the Gap Factory’s Exclusively Styled Collection, co-host of E! Fashion Police, George Kotsiopoulos has been traveling from coast to coast styling and creating the signature looks for their spring collection. From stark whites to over the top florals and bright bold colors - including his personal favorite; electric cantaloupe, George has given every girl a reason to update their wardrobe this season. I’m quite sure we all can agree that styling celebrities is as glamorous as it gets however, in addition to his work with the Gap Factory George has now added the title of published author to his resume with his new book Glamorous by George. And during my one on one interview with George at the Tanger Outlets at National Harbor us “normal” women finally gained some professional insight on how to keep it just as glam as the starlets.

EW: What are your top three tips for dressing like a star on a budget?

GK: (1) Confidence is free. No matter how well you look if you don't stand tall and proud of what you’re wearing it won’t make a difference. (2) Tailoring is very important. Its impossible to make everything in every size for every one, so find a great tailor. And (3) shop at the Gap Factory! The clothes are fashionable and affordable. Its really just a different shopping experience.

EW: What are some must have pieces to create versatility in your wardrobe?

GK: Accessories. Fringe is trending this season so find a great bag that follows this look. Also scarves in bright bold colors, the Gap Factory has a great variety.

EW: What are some of your don’ts for ladies to achieve and maintain the best and most flattering style?

GK: Don’t show more than two major body parts. Don’t wear clothes that don’t fit you. And when shopping ask yourself, “Where am I wearing this?” if you cannot answer this question, don’t buy it.

EW: What can we look forward to reading ‘Glamours by George’?

GK: There is a great chapter that discusses dressing by body type which is broken down through the decades. The last 20 years of fashion are really rehashed from the last 90 years of fashion. So you can really see and compare trends. Its a great read for those who may not know why we’re wearing what we are wearing today.

George’s on-going collaboration with the Gap Factory has placed his next campaign with the stunning super model Chanel Iman; which has already been shot. So you can certainly look forward to some great items for the upcoming fall and holiday season. Unfortunately, there is no book for the guys to look forward to at this time but keep your fingers crossed. As for George’s next stop; he’s headed back home to L.A. for a much needed break and looks forward to regrouping and continuing his journey. Maybe he’ll be in your city next!

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