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Q & A with Director Justin Timpane

Happy Spring, fellow actors! Today I offer you a Q & A with local DMV director Justin Timpane, who directed the Ninjas vs. Trilogy. Timpane and his partner-in-crime Dan Ross were guests on the Inside Acting radio show in the past, and Timpane will be my guest on the show again, May 15th. Read on to find out what he's working on!

"Ninjas vs. Zombies" poster
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Justin Timpane is a talented director
All photos subject to copyright

Q - What are you making now?

We are about 1/5 through the extensive editing process on our comedy-documentary TREKOFF: The Motion Picture, a feature length film based on our podcast.

Q - What is TREKOFF?

TREKOFF started as an idea between myself and area actress Alexia Poe, to take our geeky, R-Rated conversations about sci-fi, Star Trek, and stuff we and our friends geek out about and do it as an hourlong comedy podcast. We started a few years ago and now have a few thousand downloads every month! Its grown to include interviews with folks like Clint Howard and William Katt, as well as live shows and now a film! (Shameless plug, search TREKOFF in your podcast app or go to

Q - How's the Ninjas vs Trilogy doing?

Its been an interesting year for the films. Eduardo Sanchez (Lovely Molly, The Blair Witch Project) came on board as executive producer and brought with him the amazing Frederick Film Office. We're transitioning the rights for the first two on DVD to make them more synergistic with the third, while at the same time teaming with another one of our favorite local filmmakers to get the DVDs to fans. At the same time, we are teaming with an awesome Video-On-Demand distributor to get the films back out there on game systems and mobile devices. The ink's not dry yet on all of that, so we're keeping quiet on the who's and the when's... this year is gonna be amazing, I think.

Q - How did you get started in Filmmaking?

Well, my partner in crime Daniel Ross (who just made the Trek to LA to begin his west-coast Voice acting career) and I acted in a bunch of local films, most notably some of the last few by Timewarp Films' Joe Ripple and the late area legend Don Dohler. I ended up writing the music for a couple of those as well and it really re-ignited a passion for making movies in more than an acting capacity. We eventually decided to make our own films - I had a bunch of theatre and video production training and I happen to know a zillion people way more talented than me who are willing to help - so we started in 2008 with NINJAS VS ZOMBIES and have never looked back!

Q - What's Next?

Well, of course we will keep doing the TREKOFF podcast ( and editing that film - and then who knows? I keep teasing that I want to make a musical, so maybe its time to just shut up and do it! Mostly I just want to keep reinvesting in the amazing talent pool here in the area. Our team is a family, and it may soon be time for a reunion.

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