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Q&A With Christina Thompson of

Christina Thompson - Golf4Her posing with LPGA Hall of Famer Nancy Lopez
Christina Thompson - Golf4Her posing with LPGA Hall of Famer Nancy Lopez

Recently I was able to sit down (virtually so to speak with Christina Thompson of a site that aggrgates the best in golf wear from all over the country proving that fashion and function can meet on common ground!

Q: Can you describe in general how it all works to put a site like this together that combines many different designers... how do you get it to all work in coordination so seamlessly for the consumer?

CHRISTINA/GOLF4HER: We partner with the individual designers to gather the newest styles in one easy place. We hunt down the hottest golf apparel and make it easy for women around the world to shop all in one place. Our collection includes top designers and new upcoming ones. Golf is hard enough, shopping for fashionable golf clothes shouldn’t be!

Q: What has been the general feedback about the website from the public?

CHRISTINA/GOLF4HER: Here are some things we hear on a regular basis: "You have the best selection of golf clothes for women." “Finally a website with modern golf clothing, we are so tired of the old frumpy styles!" "Can't believe there are so many great looking golf fashions out there!" Everyone who visits and shops at Golf4Her is overwhelmed by the massive selection we offer our girls. They are so used to the small varieties available at their pro shops we are really showing women that there are amazing options out there, and we are just a few keystrokes away at!

Q: Congrats! Tha is wonderful! Speaking to a novice such as myself, what are the specific requirements style-wise (if any) for a garment to qualify as 'golf wear'?

CHRISTINA/GOLF4HER: In general, they have to be performance and function driven. When you play golf, you need full range of motion and you need to stay comfortable. We love apparel that is designed with technical, moisture wicking, and anti-microbial fabrics. Golfers are athletes and are playing in all different weather conditions, so clothing needs to be made to meet those performance needs. A few design features that are critical are: pockets, skirts (with undershorts) and polos with coverage (longer shirts). Historically, women's polos have been short and boxy. The majority of the tops we offer are fit to the female body, not a smaller version of men's shirts.

Q: Not sure you have access do you find that people are wearing the apparel as regular clothing? They look perfect for everyday wear!

CHRISTINA/GOLF4HER: Yes! Golf is more than a sport, it's a lifestyle! Many of the brands we carry are being worn on and off the golf course. That is a result of the golf fashion evolution. Just a few years ago golf clothes looked like golf clothes. Now, the lines are blurry. We carry many designers that offer styles that can be worn at work, lunch, shopping, etc. It's great and women love it!

Q: A lifestyle eh? Tell me more -- are you an avid golfer?

CHRISTINA/GOLF4HER: Avid would be an understatement! I've been playing for 14 years and I am completely addicted to it! I started playing with my husband and now I play more without him, than with him. I probably average 3 times a week. Golf has opened the door for so much. The best thing has been the opportunity to meet so many amazing women and make new friends.

Q: Love it. Now do you mind if I ask yo a completely unrelated question... I love that you are a colon cancer survivor!! Tell me - has this influenced the way you run your business?

CHRISTINA/GOLF4HER: Yes, for sure! I was diagnosed just a year and half after I launched, right in the middle of my sophomore year, just before the holiday shopping rush. Terrible timing. It was the passion I had for the business that got me through the worst days of my life. I played golf as much as I could; it was the best thing for me. I wouldn't say it influenced the way I run the business, but it reminds me how important it is to do something you love. Anyone who meets me knows how much I love this business and would do anything to make sure it succeeds. Every decision contributes to the growth and sustainability of Golf4Her. We plan on being around for a long time!

Q: I love it! We want you around for a long time for sure. Speaking of -- Where do you see the website in a few years?

CHRISTINA/GOLF4HER: I get asked this all the time. Ultimately, I want Golf4Her to be the premier online retailer for golf fashions. The first place women go to for their golf clothing and accessories. We may not have exactly what someone is looking for at a particular time, but we want to be the first place they look. We'll always be moving that needle, so you never know!

Q: Moving the needle is key! Tell me, what are your next goals? Challenges?

CHRISTINA/GOLF4HER: Lots of goals and lots of challenges for sure. We have exciting plans for increasing our staff and expanding into 2 new segments within in the golf space. This is going require funding, which is the biggest challenge for a small businesses like ours.

For more information visit GOLF4HER.COM

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