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Q&A with Boomerang author Noelle August

Veronica Rossi and Loren Oberweger are Noelle August
Veronica Rossi and Loren Oberweger are Noelle August
Photo courtesy of Harper Collins Publishers

I have the best job ever. I get to read awesome books - in this instance, the new novel Boomerang by YA author Noelle August (the pen name of authors Lorin Oberweger and Veronica Rossi), I get to interview said kick-ass authors, and then I get to share my findings with you, the reader. It's like a treasure hunt, except less pirate-y. Arrrrgh, me mateys - come along on this book a'voyage. (Ok, I'm done.)

In a nutshell, super-vixen Mia meets studly Ethan at a bar - boy-sleeps-with-girl, and that's the end of the story! Until the pair fall in super-lust, wind up working together in a twist strange enough for General Hospital, and sign away their lives under their new employer's strictly-enforced no-dating policy. The best part? The pair work for a dating website. What will Ethan and Mia do? Who will win? Will the two ever earn their pensions? And where do those extreme couponers keep all of that junk?! These pressing questions and more are answered below. Well, maybe not the coupon thing. But if you know, privately e-mail me.

Nikki Tiani: The character [in Boomerang] that struck me the most was, oddly enough, Cookie. Where in the heavens did she come from – an evil amalgamation of bosses past, or a friend with devilishly fiendish office manners? Weirdly, I feel like Pam from True Blood may have played a part in the muse process.

Veronica Rossi: Lorin was Cookie's original creator, so I'll let her take this one! All I know is that when I first met her on the page, I instantly loved her. And by "love," I mean, "love to hate."

Lorin Oberweger: Not surprisingly, Cookie just bullied her way onto the page, showing up and taking over with absolutely no warning from my psyche. (She didn’t threaten to have me deported, though, so I guess that’s a plus.)

I think Cookie’s a lot more brittle and frenetic than Pam from True Blood, though they certainly share high snark levels, and both are exceedingly loyal, so the comparison’s a great one.

NT: I loved the book – but I did have one issue with the story. Why were the characters 21? I, at thirty, felt like Mia and Ethan were super-relatable and mature – two things I definitely was not at 21. In fact, I had my head up my own ass and didn’t know who I truly was until the latter part of my 20’s. Who are these wunderkinds?

VR: It took me until my late twenties to figure out who I really was, too. But I know so many young twenty-somethings that are so smart and driven. They blow me away! And making Ethan and Mia that age allowed us to have them both taking their first step into the professional world as interns, which was a central underpinning in the story.

LO: Exactly right. Like Veronica, I have so many awesome young women in my life, many around Mia’s age, and they are all WAY more together than I was at their age, with self-possession and maturity that didn’t come my way until much later. (It’s possible I’m still waiting in some arenas!)

NT: Does anyone currently – or has formerly – reside in LA? I feel like you captured the quirky, sexy and funky culture beautifully.

VR: Thank you! I lived in L.A. for twelve years. I studied at UCLA, and then stayed after I graduated. My first "job" was as an intern at Fox Broadcasting Network's publicity department, so I have some common experiences with Ethan and Mia.

LO: Thanks so much! I took my lead from Veronica, from pop culture, and from my few visits out there.

NT: Any artists in the families? Pearl was written well.

VR: I'm an artist--a painter, not a photographer. But Lorin deserves the credit here, as she wrote most of Pearl's scenes.

LO: Aw, thanks, V! I come from a family with a lot of unexplored or--sadly--thwarted creativity, so I think it’s percolating in my gene pool. Pearl’s my mother’s name, and my sister and niece have both explored photography, so it’s a bit of a combo homage.

NT: Why should a soon-to-be-beachgoer pick up your novel? In style,
pitch my readers your book like she’s looking for a hookup.

VR: BOOMERANG is fun, smart and hot. Why would you not want to partake?

LO: Couldn’t have said it better! Definitely a summer fling you won’t regret in the fall. ;)

NT: Now the fun stuff – your combined shoe size – seriously:

VR: I'm a size 8.5...

LO: I guess that makes us a 17.5 combined!

NT: Biggest fear as a writer:

VR: The blank page.

LO: Too many ideas; too little time.

NT: Biggest fear in general:

VR: The sound of Styrofoam. Weirdly, Lorin and I have this in common.

LO: I think of that as more of a “biggest QUIRK” but it’s so true! Shudder.

NT: Name the first thing that comes to mind:

a. Sushi –
VR: Lorin. It's our favorite meal when we get together.
LO: Yep, I associate sushi with Veronica, especially our first shared roll at a conference in LA.

b. Obama –
VR: Michelle
LO: Impressive, both of them.

c. YouTube –
VR: Procrastination.
LO: Time suck!

d. Anti-vaxxers –
VR: What?
LO: Misinformed.

e. Blue -
VR: The last book in my YA trilogy, INTO THE STILL BLUE.
LO: Steel (as in Ben Stiller’s devastating model pose in ZOOLANDER.)

f. Chrome –
VR: Motorcycles.
LO: Google.

g. Children –
VR: My sons.
LO: Hate to be cliché, but--the future.

h. Soccer –
VR: Hot guys
LO: Gooooooooaaaaaalllll!!

i. Candy –
VR: Not much of a fan.
LO: Good ‘n Plenty.

j. Walking Dead –
VR: Show I need to watch, but haven't.
LO: Caaaaaarllllll!

k. Clive Barker –
VR: Hot
LO: Kind of a confusing amalgam of gory AND hot.

l. Dating websites –
LO: Ditto!

NT: Anything else you’d like to add?
VR: Thanks so much for having us! And we're so happy you loved BOOMERANG!
LO: Absolutely, thanks so much! Hope your readers will love BOOMERANG as much as we do. So glad you enjoyed!

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