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Q&A with Bad Girls Club: Miami's Teresa Bordeax

If you are familiar with the Oxygen [television] Network, you have, at the very least, heard of Bad Girls Club. Season 11 of the popular series took place in the colorful city of Miami, Florida with a cast of feisty young women, like every other season that has aired before. My colleague and photographer Nick Means was able to sit down with one of the stars from the Miami cast for a Q&A during a photo shoot. That cast member is also an Alt model when she's not appearing on your television screen. Without further adieu, Teresa Bordeax!

Photographer Nick Means photo shoot with Teresa Bordeax of Bad Girls Club: Miami.  Be sure to see the related Q&A.
Nick Means / Snap Matter
Teresa Bordeax of Bad Girls Club: Miami
Nick Means / Snap Matter

What made you want to audition to be on Bad Girls Club: Miami?
Ever since the first show aired in 2006, I have wanted to be a part of it. I believed that I belonged on the show. I have seen every episode up until I was whisked away in January of 2013 for Season 11-- and then missed some episodes from Season 10.

What is your favorite, or most memorable, moment on the show?
All of the long talks that I had with JazMone in the hot tub. We have a special bond that will never be broken.

What do you most regret [regarding Bad Girls Club: Miami]?
I regret the night that I let alcohol get the best of me, and I had the altercation with Stephanie. It was definitely a moment that was hard to watch when the show aired. Nobody should ever be so intoxicated to the level of no rhyme or reason.

How has your life changed from pre-Bad Girls Club till now?
I have went from being the life of the party, to the host, and the life of the party. Not only do I go to the bars and venues, I get paid to drink and have fun. My social networks are beyond belief with all of the support from fans, and I love them all. I never believed that so many people would look up to me one day. I feel that I am truly blessed.

Tell us about your hometown, and what makes it unique?
My hometown is Newark, Ohio. It is not exactly small, but it is not too big either, so everyone kind of knows one-another. Newark is about 35 miles Northeast of Columbus, Ohio. We have some main attractions like The World’s Largest Basket (Longaberger), The Midland Theatre and Dawes Arboretum to name a few.

Tell us about your ink and body mods?
I have a lot of tattoo work that represents heartaches. I have no regrets with any of the tattoos that I have. In the future I plan to be covered.

Tell us about the session you’re pictured in?
My photographer is Nick Means. He is not only my photographer; he is my friend. This shoot took place in Columbus, Ohio at an abandoned warehouse. This shoot was a lot of fun. Every time we have a photo shoot, Nick is always very creative, and I am so comfortable and admire the work that he does.

If you could photographed anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?
I would love to have a photo shoot in Bora, Bora. From all of the pictures that I have looked at on the web, it looks so amazing. It would be a dream come true for sure.

Do you have any other tv/movie projects coming soon?
Bad Girls Club: Miami was a stepping stone for me, and you have not heard, or seen, the last of me on your television screen. So much more to come.

Explain your personal style?
I have an alternative style. I don’t conform to just one style, I have many different styles. I love tattoos and always will. I plan to have more in the future. My attitude is real as I don’t like to sugar coat anything. When I speak, I like to tell it how it is.

Describe your social status in high school?
In high school I was a rebel. Always skipping classes to go hang out with friends. Although in my Senior year I was nominated for Prom Princess.

Guilty pleasures?
I love to play video games. One of my favorites is Modern Warfare 3, The Call of Duty. I can play this game for several hours and I am pretty good at it.

What is your favorite food, and where is the best place to get that food?
My favorite food is a BLT Pizza. There is a place in Newark called The Pizza Cottage that I frequent for this pizza. I have tried other places, but nothing compares to The Pizza Cottage.

Tell us something about yourself that may shock others?
I think that the thing that may shock everyone would be that I am actually a very responsible person. I may look like I don’t have it together, but I know not to drink and drive or put myself in positions where I could be in danger.

What physical part of a woman’s body is most attractive?
A woman’s hips are most attractive. Women come in all shapes and sizes, but a woman with a skinny waist and broad hips is so attractive.

What physical part of a man’s body is most attractive?
The first thing that I notice about a man is his eyes. When I connect with someone, it usually begins with looking in their eyes.

What is the most uncomfortable/embarrassing moment you have experienced?
At Bad Girls Club in Miami I jumped a fence and had all of the camera men following behind me filming. It was a very bad night in which I was highly intoxicated and out of control.

Any shout outs to your former housemates? Any encouraging words of wisdom you’d like to share with Janelle?
I would love to give some shout outs to JazMone, Tiana and Benze. These three are my girls, and I will forever be grateful for them coming into my life. As for Janelle, her and I have talked and we no longer have any issues with one-another, and I wish the best for her.

That concludes our Q&A with Teresa Bordeax. A very special thanks to photographer, Nick Means for making this possible. Be sure to check out the slide show from Nick's photo shoot with Teresa.

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