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Q&A with author Brian Russell on his new novel SCRIBE

Brian Russell has been in the entertainment business for over 30 years, making music, movies and now his first novel, SCRIBE.

Brian Russell's new novel SCRIBE released on Sept. 23, 2013
Brian Russell's New Novel SCRIBE out Sept 23, 2013

His new book SCRIBE will be released on Sept 23, 2013 though

Russell has made his mark in several facets of the entertainment industry. As a composer and performer he was signed to Elton John's Rocket Records and has written hit songs for Kanye West, Jay Z, Beyonce, Chaka Kahn, and Ann Murray.

As part of a Hollywood Power Couple (his wife is Cheryl Ladd from "Charlie's Angels"), Russell has produced many of the couples hit projects including: The Grace Kelly Story, One West Waikiki (CBS series), The Fulfillment of Mary Gray. He even wrote Cheryl Ladd's hit song “Think it Over”.

He has also produced feature films including: From The Hip, Spellbinder and the now cult classic Rock Voyage of the Rock Aliens, starring Pia Zadora.

I was able to chat with Brian Russell about his newest venture his first novel, SCRIBE. Enjoy.

What inspired you to write your first novel, SCRIBE?
I've been a writer all of my professional life. I've written music, lyrics, a children's book and television. The challenge of a novel was the next mountain to climb. If I'd known what I know now, I may never have started, but it's too late. Once the first page was written, I had to finish.

What was the hardest thing about writing a novel?
The commitment was a bit daunting. If you're going to write five hundred pages you must put in the time, for hours a day every day. Scribe took years. I can write a song in an afternoon. Maybe I should learn to type.

What would the reader expect reading SCRIBE?
To be taken...taken on a journey that will remain with them long after they've finished reading the book.

What do you hope readers will enjoy about your book?
It's something a little different. I hope readers enjoy the uniqueness. It was an ambitious project.

Is the story more fact or fiction?
The present day story was all fiction. I'm not sure about the historical part. Like the hero of the book, it seemed to be written through me. It required almost no re-writing. I swear.

Did you draw upon your own life experience with the story line?
"Write what you know", is great advice. Of course I drew from my own life experience to create both characters and events. I think there's a bit of me in each of the characters, so hopefully they ring true.

How is it different to creating music from writing a novel? Similarities or vastly different?
The creative muse is a necessary partner in each discipline. Without inspiration there is neither music nor novel. The book is like a very, very long song. Also the mood changes throughout a book. In a song the mood remains constant. A song is a snap shot, a book is a life.

Do you have a favorite song you created?
No. The most recent one is always the favorite. Although it's tough to dismiss the ones that paid the best.

You have been married to one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood, Cheryl Ladd for over 30 years. What is your secret for keeping a successful marriage?
Cheryl is the secret. She's the best person I've ever known. I can be a challenge at times. For instance, she allowed me to have SCRIBE as a mistress, even though it consumed a lot of my time and energy. It also helps if you're best friends and can keep each other laughing.

What is next for Brian? Another book?
The sequel to is already started. What a challenge. I left my self a Herculean task. SCRIBE is a tough act to follow.

Where can people buy your new book SCRIBE?
It’s on Amazon and Kindle exclusively for a while.

SCRIBE will be released on September 23, 2013. More information and book signings visit Brian Russell’s official website at

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