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Pythons in home removed: Gruesome stench of dead pythons filled neighborhood

Pythons in a home owned by a California school teacher numbered in the hundreds, filling the surrounding area with a gagging stench. At least 220 pythons in the home were dead and in various stages of decay and the smell was so horrendous that neighbors ran from their cars into their homes with their noses covered, according to ABC News on Jan. 29.

Pythons in home removed: Hundreds of snakes dead and alive removed from California home where the stench was horrendous.
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Police and animal control officers went to the home and found hundreds of pythons both living and dead stacked from floor to ceiling in plastic bins. Dead rodents and skeletons of snakes with maggots all over them was what the authorities found inside this “house of horror,” which is what one officer dubbed the place once inside.

The authorities were covering their faces and gagging from the smell. They received complaints from neighbors about the horrendous smell coming from the house. One neighbor said it smelled like there might have been a dead body inside.

The authorities stacked the plastic crates full of snakes and dead snakes in the driveway of the home to be carted away. The school teacher, William Buchman, who lived at the home has not been formally charged yet with animal cruelty as of yet.

There were over 400 snakes, with at least 220 of them dead. The bedrooms were also harboring these plastic containers of snakes. They were all over the place in the home. One officer said he feels that a week’s worth of showers won’t get him clean after being in this house with the worst stench he has ever smelled.

The case is on-going, as police believe he was running a snake breeding enterprise out of his home. It has something to do with morphing different snakes to come up with different colors and designs when new snakes are born.

Apparently this was a very lucrative business about 10 years ago, but it is no longer popular.

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