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Python trapped in grill: Snake rescued on Fourth of July eve

Python snake (file photo)
Python snake (file photo)
Photo by Ulet Ifansasti/Getty Images

One snake is lucky not to be on the menu for Independence Day.

A 12-foot Burmese python trapped in a grill on the eve of the Fourth of July didn't go there willingly. Luckily, quick-thinking residents of a Miami-Dade community managed to coax the constrictor into the barbecue grill until firefighters arrived to rescue the animal, this according to a July 6 USA Today report.

On the day before many were preparing to usher in the holiday by heading out to the beach, hitting the road for a much-needed vacation, and gearing up for hot dogs, potato salad, and barbecue on the grill, residents in Florida City made a startling discovery.

A large python was seen slithering in the middle of the road and the decision was made to confine the reptile until the professionals arrived. Meanwhile, using a bit of ingenuity, the Florida residents trapped the python inside a grill. Don't worry, no one intended to make a meal out of the snake; it was the safest place for the time being.

Shortly thereafter, members from Miami-Dade Fire Rescue's venom team arrived to get a grip on the situation before the snake escaped or was harmed in the process.

Using a pillowcase, the team managed to transfer the python from the barbecue grill without injury. It was then turned over to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.

Burmese pythons are non-venomous snakes, but due to their size and girth, they can inflict harm on humans. And perhaps, the largest threat to the Sunshine state is the snake is an invasive species; they are originally from Southeast Asia.

To control the animals, officials normally issue licenses and host events to harvest the animals to prevent threats to indigenous animals in the area.

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