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Python pizza: Snake meat topping on new kind of pizza

Python pizza
Python pizza
Commons Wikimedia

Python pizza is being served in Florida at Evan's Neighborhood Pizza based in the city of Fort Meyers. The specialty will contain Burmese python snake meat on an otherwise traditionally-made pizza. It is being called the“Everglades Pizza," Inquisitr reports Jan. 31.

Frog and alligator have been on the pizza shop's menu for some time now and the python pizza is the newest addition.

The snake meat is said to be tasty, but chewy.

Evan Daniell owns Evan's Neighborhood Pizza and said this newest creation was designed to get people talking and it "literally just went viral," he said.

Part of making the pizza a success is taking some of the "gaminess" out of the meat. The chef has to marinate the meat for several hours before slicing them into "snake slivers" and placing it in the oven for a few minutes.

The python pizza is a little on the spendy side, however. The “Everglades Pizza” sells for $45.

Reports state that the meat on the pizza tastes like chicken, just more chewy. The snake is not native to Florida, but when people have them as pets, they get too big and are released in swampy areas around the state. There are evidently enough of them to make enough to satisfy customers.

Would you try a python pizza?

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