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Python pizza: Chunks of snake flesh a pizza topping, $45 cost for entrée choice

A python pizza is one slithering entrée that a Florida eatery is now offering its customers this week. Instead of the usual pepperoni or sausage, fans who want some python meat can actually order chunks of snake flesh as a special pizza topping. Web Pro News confirms this Friday, Jan. 31, 2014, that this recently debuted delicacy had become viral in just a few days, and will cost its buyers a rather pricey $45 for a full pie.

A massive python coiled about in its cell
Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

The python pizza option might sound like a food choice off of Fear Factor at first, but Florida is actually offering visitors some pizza with python meat on it. On top of the classic dough, tasty tomato sauce, and scattered cheese combination is now the possibility of adding a little reptilian flavor to the meal. Chunks of flesh from the Burmese python can be added to this “Everglades Pizza,” as well as frog legs and even alligator sausage for the courageous.

Sounds tasty, no? While the notion of even taking a bite out of this strange sounding pizza might appear gross at first, it is apparently a big hit with locals. The unique python meat is even viewed as a delicacy by some.

“It was just to create talk about the shop and being creative and this thing literally just went viral,” says Evan Daniell, the owner of Evan’s Neighborhood Pizza in the Gulf Coast city of Fort Myers.

At $45 per pie, this pizza isn’t for those with an empty wallet either. According to the source site on this python pizza, the expensive cost for this new food option comes from the energy and effort that goes into making it. While the pie itself is simple enough to make, owner Evan Daniell is said to have to first cut what meat is available from the Burmese snake, then marinate it for several hours, and finally slice it up into chunks of chewy flesh before adding it to the pizza itself. Once the meat changes from uncooked pink to cooked white, he says the meal is ready for the customers.

And Daniell added that he gives a generous amount of snake meat on each slice of his python pizza, so if you’re daring and hungry enough for this exotic entrée, slither on down to Evan’s Neighborhood Pizza in Fort Myers for a snakebite of your own.

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