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Python pizza: 'Everglades Pizza' is for sale in Florida

Everglades (python) pizza
Everglades (python) pizza
Los Angeles Times

Python pizza is now being sold to diners in Florida, being labeled “Everglades Pizza,” according to a Yahoo! News report on Friday. While python pizza may sound a bit strange – and even scary – it is actually becoming a delicacy, of sorts, in the Sunshine State.

But think about it, people have eaten shark, frog’s legs, and other unlikely creatures that roam the south, so why not a slithering snake?

The name of the pizza, “Everglades Pizza,” comes from the name of the humongous national park where the snakes are found.

The whole idea of python pizza became a hot topic after Evan Daniell – owner of Evan’s Neighborhood Pizza in Fort Myers – added the item to his menu. He thought it might create a local buzz about his business, but was pleasantly surprised when it went absolutely viral.

Daniell admits that the Burmese python meat atop his pizza has had positive and negative reviews, but he asserts that “the fact is we can make it and it’s delicious.” One customer who tried it said it tastes like chicken but chewier.

As far as preparation, the report says that Daniell pre-cooks the snake in the oven for a couple of minutes before putting it on the pizza crust which has sauce on it. He places the python bits in a way that every slice has a piece of the snake.

If you’re thinking rushing out to get an “Everglades Pizza,” you need to be forewarned of the price: $45.

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