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Python pizza, a slithering snake delicacy to add to your bucket list

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Python pizza, this is a pizza that actually has the meat of a python snake laying on the top of the pie. Shreds of snake meat are cradled in the melted cheese just like onion or peppers are placed on top of a regular pizza. The python pizza is the brain child of a Fort Myers, Florida pizza restaurant that originally created the pizza with the python meat for their Facebook page to gain some attention, according to The Inquisitr on Feb, 1.

This slithery offering is called the "Everglades Pizza" on the menu and along with the snake meat, it has frogs legs and gator meat. This has not only brought attention to Evan’s Neighborhood Pizza, but it's gone viral online as folks on the social networks chatted up the snake meat pizza as a possible bucket list item. Just like the movie “The Bucket List,” the python pizza is something many want to try at least once in life!

Frogs legs and gator meat is a normal offering in Florida restaurants, but seeing a pizza with fogs legs pointing every which way isn’t the most appetizing to some. Unless you knew that the snake meat was an ingredient of the pizza, then you might not know what you were chomping on because it resembles meat rather than snake.

The Everglades Pizza features the frog legs, gator and python. The gator and frogs are native to the area, but the python, while not native, has become part of the Everglades landscape. People get the Burmese python as a pet, but when they’ve grown too big, folks let them go in the Everglades.

People come in to try this pizza, which isn’t a cheap pie. For $45 you can have a slithering pizza pie with the Burmese python meat. It is not the easiest of meat to prepare, claims the owner of the pizza restaurant, Evan Daniell. The chef has to marinade the meat to take some of the gaminess out of it. It is also a bit on the chewy side.

The pizza is “delicious” claims Daniell and tourists make the trek to Evan’s Neighborhood Pizza on the Gulf Coast for this pizza. Many want to be able to go back home and report that they had the now famous python pizza!