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Python found in Florida: Titanoboa-like snake found, 150 pound Burmese python

A python found in Florida is slithering its way into the public’s news feeds this afternoon, as a massive 150 pound Burmese python — measured at a full 18 feet long — was recently discovered by a Florida water maintenance crew. The giant snake is one of the biggest ever found in the Sunshine State, and is lightheartedly being called by some a long-lost descendant of the monster Titanoboa. MyFox6 News shares this Thursday, Feb. 6, 2014, that while snakes are frequently encountered by Florida water officials, it is a truly rare and humbling experience to encounter an animal this big.

Massive snake found in state of Florida
Facebook, Fox6Now

The python found in Florida is enough to make even hardened animal lovers shiver a little bit this week, as the snake discovered in early Feb. is truly a massive one. At a full 18 feet long and weighing over 150 pounds, this Burmese python is likely the largest that many of the workers in the South Florida Water Management District have ever stumbled across.

“Needless to say, when you get one this big, it raises eyebrows,” Smith said. “It’s just such a large animal. They have no predators. They’ll eat anything, even alligators. They are ferocious creatures.”

The surprised water maintenance crew said this python found in Florida was casually coiled in some wooded uplands, not far from Everglades National Park. The agency’s trusted python coordinator was immediately called to the scene. He then killed the snake with a single gunshot to the head.

Quite a few have even compared the huge snake to the ancient Titanoboa. Of course, while this snake may indeed be huge creature and distant relative to the Titanoboa, it still falls quite short of the past serpentine beast. This Burmese python weighed in at an incredible 18-feet long and 150 pounds, but the monster snake of the past was believed to be over 40-feet long and weighing up to 2,000 pounds.

“Despite the snake’s size, it’s not the biggest recorded in Florida. That distinction goes to an 18-foot, 8-inch specimen killed by a Florida man who spotted it sticking out of bush in Miami-Dade County in May 2013, according to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.”

News of a python has also hit Florida headlines recently with the creation of a python pizza, a snake meat delicacy that includes having chunks of the animal’s flesh being eaten as an exotic topping.

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