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Pyramids View Inn awarded TripAdvisor's 2014 Traveler's Choice Award

The absolute epitome of customer service, Kamal Ali, on the rooftop lounge of the Pyramids View Inn.
The absolute epitome of customer service, Kamal Ali, on the rooftop lounge of the Pyramids View Inn.
Charles M. Kerper

Pyramids View Inn has been awarded TripAdvisor's 2014 Traveler's Choice award for best budget hotel in Cairo, Egypt.

Pyramids View Inn owner Samy Ghoneim holding traipadvisor Travleer's Choice Award
Charles M. Kerper

Located just outside of Cairo in Giza, and directly across the street from the necropolis, the inn hosts the best view of the ancient pyramids and Spinx. Many rooms offer window views of the ancient wonders. A morning in-house cook provides a complimentary breakfast offering custom omelettes and falafel, coupled with the coffee and tea available throughout the day. The rooftop lounge offers a round-the-clock view; including during the daily Pyramids Sound and Light Show. Enjoying breakfast while staring at the pyramids from the rooftop lounge is truly a surreal dream come true.

The inn was long the family home of Samy Ghoneim, a Northridge, CA resident. The property has been in his family for over 700 years. In 1970, the family converted the home into rented apartments. In 2011, Samy decided to convert the apartments into the inn that it is today. Samy employs members of his family in Giza whom offer unparalleled customer service. Comfortable rooms, wifi internet access, and airport-to-inn transportation are what help make Pyramid View Inn a success. Samy is no stranger to success. An avid soccer player, Samy recognized a need for and helped develop the soccer leagues of the San Fernando Valley. He then worked closely with big name brands such as Nike and Adidas and built a successful soccer retail business which he sold in 2009. He now focuses his energy on keeping the Pyramid View Inn a shining destination for travelers in Egypt.

The inn offers a menu of guided tours, which include all the local ancient pyramids, the Egyptian Museum of Cairo, historic religious sites, Nile cruises, and a wealth of many other points of interest in and around Cairo. These very reasonable tour packages typically include entrance fees and transportation to the sites. The guides are very knowledgeable and expediently traverse through the vast city, cut to the chase with haggling merchants, while providing insightful anecdotes as you leisurely enjoy your journey from site to site. Their local knowledge also steers travelers clear from any possible political rally or potential events that ought be avoided, ensuring happy touring.

Anyone weary of travel to Egypt due to the political situation will find Samy personally responds quickly and informatively to emails, reassuring travelers their trip to Egypt will be both safe and memorable. Advice from Samy, his staff and tour guides help ensure guests will safely enjoy the experience of a lifetime. Currently tourism is down nearly 90% due to the region's political situation. The inn is located in Giza and quite a distance from Tahrir Square, where the Egyptian Revolution protest of millions took place in early 2011. During better times, tourism typically employed about 4.5 million people which fed about 15 million. With tourism being down, this is the desperate reality facing modern Egypt.

Those choosing to brave a visit to Egypt can be assured that they will be warmly welcomed by locals. Areas of interest are well secured by the local authorities, and with the proper guidance Cairo is currently quite safe. Egyptian attractions remain quite vacant despite a slow return of the flow of tourists. With the current droll in tourism, a unique once-in-a-lifetime and uncrowded personal experience of Egypt can be had.

Considering all that Pyramids View Inn offers guests at such unbelievably reasonable prices, it is no wonder TripAdvisor awarded them the Traveler's Choice award.