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Pyle considers challenge to Jenkins

Sen. Dennis Pyle, R-Hiawatha, announced Tuesday that he is "strongly considering" entering the race for U.S. Congress in Kansas' 2nd District.  In a press release today, Pyle wrote "With her record before she was elected to Congress, and just a few votes while in Congress, it is abundantly clear that Lynn is not a conservative."

Congresswoman Jenkins' office provided the following response to Pyle's announcement.  "Congresswoman Jenkins is endorsed by the entire Kansas Republican delegation and every other Republican state senator that represents a portion of KS-2 in the State Legislature. It's clear folks agree with her opposition to the job killing cap-and-trade, government run health care, and the wasteful 'stimulus bill.' However, if Mr. Pyle disagrees with those votes, then we welcome him to the race."

This would set up a primary contest between a moderate Republican incumbent and a conservative challenger.  With both Reps. Moran and Tiahrt leaving to run for the Senate seat currently held by Brownback, Jenkins is the only incumbent running from the Kansas delegation. It is unlikely that the party establishment is going to throw their support to a challenger. 




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