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'PvZ: Garden Warfare' goes to the wild west in free 'Zomboss Down' update

PopCap Games released the second free content update Tuesday to “Plants Vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare” for the Xbox One and Xbox 360. The “Zomboss Down” update to the multiplayer shooter brings a new map along with eight new character variants, a character level increase, loads of new customizations plus a huge number of gameplay balancing tweaks and map changes.

“’Zomboss Down’ features a brand new Gardens & Graveyards map ‘Cactus Canyon’,” Creative Director Justin Wiebe revealed. “Zombies have crash landed in the desert and need to fight their way to a local golf course and destroy a secret Plant facility located under the 18th hole.”

The “Cactus Canyon” map also comes with a unique end event mini-game similar to other existing maps. In this map’s case, it is a Golf Bomb minigame to determine the winner between the Plants and the Zombies.

There are eight new character variants included in the update - Sky Trooper, Landscaper, Archaeologist, and Wrestling Star for the Zombies as well as Law Pea, Armor Chomper, Sun Pharaoh, Bandit Cactus for the Plants. These characters along with the more than 200 new character customizations can be picked up by purchasing the “Zomboss Down” packs from the in-game sticker shop.

Other changes include the level cap being raised from 20 to 30, which also brings a load of new star challenges to complete. Players can also now talk with the other side in between rounds or just choose to mute everyone.

The list of game balance tweaks, map changes and bug fixes is actually quite massive. As a result, it is best to view the complete list on in the link at the top of this article. However, highlights include an overhaul of the Gardens & Graveyards payout system that gives more coins to the Plants when they stop the Zombie side early and more to the Zombie side when they go distance and complete the final challenge.

There are also more rewards for playing a support class such as the Sunflower getting points for the character their healing getting a kill. Another example is the All-Star Zombie getting points for suppression fire that leads to another player getting a kill. This appears to address some of the issues with certain classes like the Pea Shooter able to dominate the leaderboards.

The “Driftwood Shores” and “Main Street” Gardens & Graveyards maps also were updates to give more flanking options to the Zombies in the early part of the game. The Plants were often able to stonewall the Zombies in the first and second stages respectively because of severe chokepoints.

Issues with latency and stability were also addressed. However, it sounds like some users are currently experiencing issues connecting with the “Plants Vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare” servers following the update.

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