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Putting the Spotlight on Enzymes with Tom Bohager

Tom Bohager
Tom Bohager

Digestive issues are a major issue, about 70, 000, 000 people suffer everyday from some form of a stomach upset or discomfort according to the American Nutrition Association, anything ranging from heartburn, acid reflux to GERD and IBS. With so many suffering, the awareness of digestive health has been on the rise, especially with the spotlight on probiotics to increase gut wellness. A trend that Tom Bohager has noticed, CEO of Enzymedica, a leading brand of enzyme supplements. Bohager has been in the natural food industry for the past 15 years, first as a sales rep before starting Enzymedica which focuses on enzymes, another key component to digestive wellness that has for now been lesser known to the general public.
So what are enzymes? They are found in all living cells, creating chemical reactions in the body that are essential to functioning and staying well. Enzymes are activated right when you start chewing your food by the salivary glands and are key to the whole process of digesting food fully so that nutrition is absorbed and converted into energy. Without the body making enough enzymes, something that naturally declines greatly with age, the food consumed simply doesn’t get absorbed and stays in the gut longer than it should, rotting and can leach toxins back into circulating blood that may result in declined health, plummeting energy levels and premature aging. It is estimated that by the time an individual is 50 years old there is a 50% reduction of enzymes produced naturally by the body. We miss out on the nutritional value of the food we consume if it cannot be digested fully, enzymes are quite literally the building blocks to health. Also most of us eat a lot of cooked food and the process of heating destroys enzymes while adding more raw foods where the enzymes are still intact and taking an effective enzyme supplement before a meal can alleviate digestion issues and generally improve wellness.
Enzymedica was established in 1998 when Bohager became inspired after reading Dr. Edward Howell’s “Enzyme Nutrition”, a book that focuses on research done in the 30’s and 40’s by Dr. Howell stating the important link between health, longevity and enzymes in food. Realising the importance of enzymes to health Bohager set out to make the best, most effective enzyme supplement out there. With a passion to improve people’s health, another reason Bohager fell in love with the natural food industry, he has grown Enzymedica’s line of supplements from four products to today’s thirty three, helping to target problems from general indigestion, bloating, heartburn to food intolerances such as gluten, dairy and issues like candida.
Quality, effectiveness and sustainability go into everything Bohager has created starting with the ingredients, there are no fillers in Enzymedica products creating enzyme supplements in their purest form, therefore making them more active and the philosophy expands to making sure even the building they are made in is eco-friendly. Their headquarters has recently been awarded the Gold LEED certification, a very high standard when it comes to getting certified as a green building, something Bohager is very proud of as it took a long time to achieve.
The deep dedication is evidently there and to ensure that the best is made, the company also has a scientific advisory board of nine members, experts in their fields, this board consists of:

- Steven Lamm, MD, a practicing internist who has advised on shows ranging from The Oprah Winfrey Show, Dateline, The View and BBC.
- Joseph Purita, MD, an orthopedic stem cell pioneer.
- Nicholas J. Ruggiero, DC, a Chiropractic Physician to well-known celebrities in various industries and the official chiropractor to the Florida Panthers since 2002.
- Reid Eckert, CNC, a nutritional expert in demand with local to international clients.
- M. Mamadou, PhD, a world leading scientific researcher in the supplement industry.
- Walter Crinnion, ND, one of the best naturopathic doctors specializing in digestive health.
- Woodson Merrell, MD, ScD (Hc), a leading medical authority regarding integrative medicine.
- Ashley Koff, RD, one of the best dieticians in the nation, she regularly appears in the media on show like “The Dr. Oz Show”, O! The Oprah Magazine and Huffington Post.
- Harvey Diamond, health advocate and author of “Fit for Life”, a New York Times best selling book in the health and wellness industry.

This scientific advisory board make sure the company is on top of cutting edge science that can make way for new and more effective formulations, the science on enzymes and the important role they play in the body currently expanding. Enzymedica’s biggest breakthrough product wise is TheraBlend, a highly therapeutic enzyme formulation that survives the various PH levels in the digestive process that most enzymes get destroyed before the enzymes get to the small intestine.
If being a eco-friendly, carbon neutral company creating pure made products wasn’t enough and with Tom Bohager at the top of it, Enzymedica always goes the extra step and the company also supports several charities for autism and vitamins for children in impoverished countries, they reportedly gave over $300,000 to Autism Hope Alliance. Enzymedica is a company that is certainly making positive changes from the inside out.

To learn more about enzymes, there is copious amounts of information on their site with several educational outreach options and to explore their different enzymes to support your health, check out:

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