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Putting the fun in festive gatherings, Yantouch Diamond

There are some products, in the context of fun, that potentially can connect with a cross segment of age groups, young to old. The Yantouch Diamond ( has such a possibility. Accordingly, I had the chance to check out the Ice Diamond, and could not help but envision the wide usage for all types of festive and party events; from the backyard to the bedroom, from house parties to beach nights. Essentially, what you have is a Bluetooth speaker. Except, you’re not just listening to some favorite programs; you’re getting an ambience filled with colors, like a mild disco scene.

Yantouch Ice Diamond
By Keith McFarland
A Bluetooth speaker for all ages
By Keith McFarland

The turning off and on, the set schemes of colors, volume levels, etc., is all controlled by a remote. So, when in travel, don’t leave home without it, to steal a marketing line. Of course, there’s nothing difficult about Ice Diamond. One can use as a Bluetooth, or plug to a device, like a TV or laptop. It works with IOS and Android, and comes with a nice pouch. The instructions provide a nice guide, regarding the remote. But frankly, most folks will simply power on, pair with smartphone, and start jamming with colors. Caution, pleasure of this type can be contagious. The instructions were silent on the time to fully charge. My experience tells me its likely 2 to 3 hours. Per my first testing, I ended up getting a little over 5 hours; in my second testing, I got over 8 hours of playtime, plugging into the TV and streaming programs thru my smartphone. Please keep in mind, your ways of usage can impact the battery run. Beyond that, there’s a lot of room for fun, for all.

Looking at this product from another angle, the Yantouch Diamond is very applicable for a multitude of business events; such as, some Mardi Gras affair; or, a vendor’s table. I would image, this blending of music and colors, offers an additional pathway, for breaking the ice, and opening up a dialogue, with potential buyers. This may also be ideal for certain restaurants, and small socialized venues, during evening times. How about to a hospital, offering patients a little uplifting? Remember, the creativity in usage, by end users, ultimately defines true success.

In closing, once again, we are witnessing, how the advancements in technology, the freedom and privacy to explore and create, the drive toward a passion, and the potential economics, are unleashing products more aligned with untapped desires. In observation, we may remain a society that has those who are polarizing, and limited; but, the framework of innovation, and those operating sincerely in involvement, per whatever form, does not support having close-minded directions imposed, asto products, on others, about life, or career, choices. In fact, increasingly, the optimum growth and profitability, within technology, now focuses on personalizing, and thus, better customizing, the consumer experience, in whole.