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Putting the Brown victory in perspective

Maybe it is sensitivity from being a Cowboys fan and seeing Favre run up the score but one can only hope that the Republican Party will put the apparent victory in Massachusetts in context. Scott Brown’s victory must have Ted Kennedy turning in his grave. It is a monumental defeat for Barack Obama and his policies. It may be the final nail in the health care coffin. It could send the rats running from the ship that is the Democratic Party. But it is not a vote in favor of a conservative shift in the country. It is a vote against a liberal shift. It is a vote against extreme politics. It is the siren call of moderation.
The time is now for the GOP to build upon the Brown victory. If they can broaden their appeal to win in Massachusetts, they can win anywhere. But they will win by running responsible moderate candidates like Scott Brown. They will win by appealing to a broad base. We have seen that here in the 15th District. Moderate Charlie Dent has easily won re-election when Republicans around him have failed.
The test of the Brown victory, like Brett Favre’s victory on Sunday, will be what happens next. Will the Republicans use 41 votes to halt all progress or will they use their new-found power to insist on compromise. The ability of one party to rule has been ended. The time now is upon us to work together to solve the issues facing the country rather than to retreat to opposite corners and get nothing done.
When this will be a blip in the Obama reign or the first step in the rebirth of the GOP will depend upon how the victory is handled. It was not a victory for Rush Limbaugh or Glenn Beck. It was a victory for moderation. Look at Scott Brown’s politics and it is clear that reasonable Republican minds can carry through to the Super Bowl of Politics in 2010 and 2012.


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