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Putting it Off

We all know we need to let exercise become a habit. Whether or not we actually do this, is often another story. It comes down to it really being a mindset and to just doing it while we have the chance.

We all have our share of fitness setbacks. We can bounce back quicker from these setbacks by remembering our goals. Our bodies get stressed when we don't exercise. Then we get stressed knowing we are procrastinating about exercising. It can be a vicious cycle.

One of the things we all try to avoid is regrets. We have to move on from our setbacks and not fall into the hole of continuous regret. We should strive to dedicate ourselves to keep trying. It truly is up to us whether we give up or fight through.

It is easy to just give up and quit. We have to try and think about all the hard work we have already put into it.

These are three tips to help keep to a fitness mindset.

1. Simplify our workouts. Keeping the workout short and sweet at times, will allow us to continue on the road of progress.

2. Eat a well balanced nutritious diet and get enough rest so you do not feel drained during workouts.

3. Get a workout buddy or fitness trainer to help with accountability.

The way I choose to look at it is that every day is a new beginning. Just take a breath and start again!

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