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Putting home staging articles in order

Having a home staging plan is important and this article will help you map it out!
Photo: Dan Kalleres 

Who reads a book from the rear cover backwards? Unless you’re that person, this article, really more of a guide, will help you to navigate through all the previously posted articles with ease so you can get your home staged and sold!

Over the past thirty articles posted, there’s been a variety of topics covered, but it really makes more sense if you read them in an appropriate order. Newest articles always get posted to the top, but if you haven’t covered the basics yet, you might get easily confused about where to start. Use this article as your guide from start to finish. As future articles are posted, this guide will get updated, too.

Below, the articles have been grouped three ways: those that will help you understand the concept of home staging, those that give advice about different aspects of home staging and advice about how to stage specific rooms in your home.

Articles to familiarize yourself with the concept:

What the heck is home staging?
Start here to learn what home staging is all about. Plain and simple!
Before you stage your home, know your buyers.
Knowledge is power. Get the facts you need before staging.
What is the first step?
A primer for tackling your home staging project.
De-cluttering is at the heart of home staging
One of the biggest concepts in home staging and one not to overlook!
It’s time to clean!
Part and parcel of the de-cluttering process is getting your home spic and span!
Generational Buyers, part 1
Generational Buyers, part 2
Generational Buyers, part 3
A short, three-part series about the different buyer generations out there now.

Lots of different articles for different areas of home staging to tackle!
Photo: Dan Kalleres

Articles with related advice to home staging:

3 types of lighting
A primer about the different types of lighting used in your home.
Pay attention to the lighting!
Information about how to update your lighting appropriately.
Home staging and the five senses
It’s not all about the visual aspect of home staging!
Should I remove wallpaper?
Helpful advice about wallpaper and its removal.
Some basics about colors
There is a definite science behind choosing the right colors
Highlighting rooms with window treatments
An area often overlooked that can really make or break a room
Clearly defining rooms
Every room needs to have a defined purpose for buyers
Making the best use of mirrors
Mirrors can serve up a variety of useful purposes in staging a home
Setting the table for a sale
Different ideas and concepts for dressing up different dining areas
Bookshelves and built-ins
Great places to accessorize around the house
Space planning and furniture arranging
Getting the right furniture and arrangement can really make a difference!
Pillows and throws
Inexpensive, easy options for accessorizing rooms
House plants
Another inexpensive, easy option for rooms
Home staging and holiday decorating
Opportunities to shine or crash and burn throughout the year
Home staging dilemma – staging vacant homes
If your home falls in this category, pay close attention!
Staging to live
A guide to living in a well-staged home even if you’re not selling

Read about how staging works, general tips or advice about specific rooms.
Photo: Dan Kalleres

Articles specific to staging areas of your home:

Making entrances inviting
Curb appeal is where it all begins. Don’t skip this one!
Welcoming foyers
Once inside, you need to wow your buyers!
Kitchens sell homes – part 1
Kitchens sell homes – part 2
Kitchens are perhaps the most important room, so there are two articles!
The number two most important selling feature after kitchens!
Master bedrooms
A space that buyers need to fall in love with if you want to sell your home

If you have a home staging question or would like to share a staging tip, please let me know. Send me a photo of your home staging dilemma and I’ll be happy to help!



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