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Putting a smile on the face of the two main political parties

Joker Obama poster
Joker Obama poster

While Obama has compared himself to screen characters like Superman and Spock, I doubt he ever considered himself as The Joker.  However in recent times there has been people that have seen our president in a new light. 

Across the country "Joker Obama" posters have been going up as Obama's approval rating has gone down.  Many are considering this in bad taste and have even gone as far as saying whoever did this should be arrested because of the picture's disturbing imagery.  Also that they should never do this to the President. 

My thoughts of this issue is a question really, why so serious?

Since I can remember there has always been jokes and disturbing images of whoever was the president at the time.  Saturday Night Live made an empire off this as well as the careers of many comedians.  In my opinion there is really no big deal about this whole issue.  When we as a people start nit-picking things that is obviously a joke then we are really in trouble.  We are in tough times especially since it is a geek that's pointing all this out (hmm, maybe I should run for President).  The last thing we should do is argue about trivial things and focus more on the important national issues. 

Oh, and the guy who made the comment that no one should mock the President in this light.  I'd like to know what his thoughts were if the picture had Bush instead of Obama.  Because when Bush was in office Vanity Fair had a picture a cartoonist made with Bush in Joker make-up.  Heck there was even a poster that showed Bush as a vampire with the Statue of Liberty as his victim, this picture was also in the HBO show True Blood.  Between the two I am sure the Bush pictures were seen by more people than the Obama ones. 

If anything these should be disgraceful to Batman, The Joker and Heath Ledger.

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