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Putin Won't Get It

Vladamir OPutin, Russian President

Two people in the same kind of chair that Ukraine President Viktor Yanukovych just stepped away from – albeit somewhat involuntarily after his country’s Parliament voted for him to go – Russian President Vladimir Putin and US President Barack Obama, probably don’t have a lot to worry about. Or perhaps worry about if in a casual passing manner, but at least not a lot that will affect their determination to remain in office. For Putin’s part, his personal use of state funds is legion – and why not when he sees other world leaders having the same kind of fun and not having to pay for it. The Obama’s enjoy the same privileges so aren’t too worried about the country where there are, some feel, too many white folks sitting in decision making positions – it seems as if illegal aliens would be more appropriate.

If we take a look around these days, and let’s stick to the United States for purposes of this article, people are doing far worse off six years down the Obama trail hipping and hopping along the Bunny trail, than they had been before America’s first Modern Reformer was elected to the White House. A man who said that he would fundamentally transform America, and then lied about his intentions by denying that America had to be fundamentally transformed, a man who enjoys increasing support from increasing millions of illegal entrants into the country who are only too anxious to exercise non-constitutional rights to keep gift-givers like this in office, this man deserved a chance. But he squandered it, and not unknowingly. He had intent, he had a plan and strategy and goals and minions, and use all of them to get where he is and to stay there – gloating and relatively secure in the belief that he is invincible.

Vladimir Putin is of the same mindset. He is, if anything, more confident than Obama and of course, more secure in his position because he has greater control over guns and money than his American counterpart has, and is not afraid to use either for his personal aspirations. Putin might, in fact, be The Last Russian Czar, edging out Rasputin in his gluttony and litany. But is anyone watching? And the big question – can anyone do anything?

Worldwide mankind is witness to replicant events, with national leaders causing and promoting great turmoil and shifts of wealth from the haves to the have-nots in one case, and from the have-nots to the already haves in the other. Obama took the former, he thinks. Putin opted for the latter, we think. And it’s probably true. At issue in the American case is whether the dog-eared and worn 227 year-old Constitution really matters much anymore to the direction America is heading, largely under a reformist almost messiah who feels that the country, most worrisome the attitudes of the people in their basic cherishing of the national charter, and the intent of the charter itself, must be reformed and to do so, transformed.

Conservative radio talk show host Mark Levin didn’t raise the subject on his own, but he did mention it as many, many thousands of other sincere Americans have mentioned it – why are Americans being so passive in the face of our nation’s fiber being torn apart by socialists and ultra-reformers who don’t appreciate what a bunch of white guys put together over two centuries ago? Thailand, our 180 year ally in Southeast Asia is undergoing a revolution of its own, on the streets. It is the same venue that Americans should be using - they should be taking to the streets demanding Obama resign ideally, but most importantly demanding that he and all members of government abide by the intent of our constitution. Americans should demand that the chief executive and greedy little people fearful of being discovered who help him undo two centuries of success get out and stay out of office. But like Putin, Like former Iraqi president Saddam Hussein, they have the purse strings, and the power strings.

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