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Putin tricked U.S. into invading Ukraine to help usher in Eurasian Trade Zone

As the world continues to digest the now failed Western coup of the duly elected government in Ukraine, Russia waits patiently for the final moves of their extraordinary plan to fall into place. In fact, not only was the covert operation to overthrow the Ukrainian government by the U.S. and NATO fully expected by Vladimir Putin, but according to economist Dr. Jim Willie on April 4, Ukraine was a clever trap set to both disparage the West, and to allow the global monetary collapse to heighten to the point where all of Eastern Europe would beg to join Russia's new dream of a Eurasian Trade Zone.

Vladimir Putin
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The backlash to the widely approved USFed hyper monetary inflation policy has finally come. The global fallout has included higher food prices, higher business cost structure in every nation, shuttered businesses, and profound economic deterioration, which has resulted in widespread capital destruction. The entire Eastern world is demanding an end to the debasement of USD-based assets and reserves, along with the harmful influence to lift cost structures everywhere. The world demands a viable solution. It is coming. It will shake the world.

As the rape and pillage is continued in orchestration by the USGovt security agencies, the European Soros gangsters, and the Blackstone thugs, all Eastern European nations will be watching closely. They will wish to escape the scourge of the Anglo-Americans, their French tyrant poodles, the Big Oil firm plunderers, and the Attila the Hun lookalikes. The contamination of the water tables in Ukraine, Bulgaria, Romania, and Poland might turn the tide. The trap has been set, but it cannot spring shut to trap the Western pirates without the passage of time. - Jim Willie, Golden Jackass

The U.S. is a failing empire, who like the Romans over a millennia ago, relied upon military application to pillage foreign countries of their wealth to sustain their supremacy. The world has seen this time and time again over the past decade from the U.S. when the agendas of American foreign policy have led to nearly a dozen undeclared wars and covert operations, with the final results being the looting of central bank gold in nations such as Iraq, Libya, and now, Ukraine.

In fact, the U.S. is no longer just relying upon the invasion or subversion of 'enemy' nations to justify their pillaging of wealth and gold resources. In a shocking turn of events, which throws away over 40 years of mutual alliance and protection of the Petro-Dollar, American and British central banks are currently confiscating gold from Saudi Arabia, which assuredly puts the final nail in the reserve currency agreement which tied the dollar to global oil and commodity sales.

Russian President Vladimir Putin is a shrewd politician who is using the weaknesses of the West, and their own foreign policies, to alienate them from a world that once saw America as the bastion of freedom, and Russia as the Evil Empire. And as Ukraine plunges into a spiraling economic collapse with little Western support to stop it, the world is reminded of similar instances that occurred in Egypt, Iraq, and Syria after U.S. funded revolutions resulted in massive economic chaos for these nations. In the meantime, President Putin is simply waiting for the inevitable outcome of his clever trap, and continuing to build the infrastructure of his Eurasian Trade Zone which will very likely be the next global economic system to replace the Petro-Dollar once it finally implodes.

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