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Putin to Withdraw Troops From the Ukrainian Border

Putin came out publicly today, saying that he has withdrawn his forces from the Ukrainian border. The reason, he said, was that the presence of his troops were causing concern, although the US and NATO remain skeptical.

It seems that something more is going on behind the scenes, that perhaps some sort of deal is being worked out on the part of Russia. The US and NATO say they are skeptical, but the proof is in the actions and so far, Russia hasn't done anything yet.

What would be the purpose for Russia to continue to keep its forces on the border of the Ukraine? One of two things would have to happen. Russia would have to invade or Russia would have to pull back. But the fact is that Russian troops cannot just stay on the border doing nothing.

So it seems by the inactions of Russia, that the intentions of Putin are clear, that he will pull back his troops, despite what the White House believes at this point.

Not only is he pulling back troops, but he is also asking for a delay in the referendum vote for sovereignty in the Donestk region, while surprisingly urging pro Russian gunmen to step down. A huge effort by Putin, showing that he desires peace and not war, at least its not in his interest at this time.

Top military officials in the US reacted to Putin's statement by saying, there is no evidence that the forces were being pulled back, or that there seems to be no change in the situation. But it could be more then obvious that Putin may have found a better solution to the crisis, one that would create a larger gain with a country that had lost so much due to sanctions. Perhaps now Putin will see the light, or at least appear to see it for a time.

There is a possibility that Putin will want to try and make a deal with the Ukraine and all others who are involved in the situation. And there is the possibility that Putin will initiate some sort of peace throughout the entire region.

Putin could very well become a key player when it comes to a renewed peace process that would involve Israel, the Palestinians and most importantly, Iran.

Just the other day, an unexplained explosion was felt in Iran. Some say this explosion was of a nuclear origin. An accident in an underground nuclear lab. But other people believe that Israel is getting fed up with Iran's nuclear advancement. And fearing that they will soon go to far, Israel may have launched an attack on Iran's nuclear facility in an attempt to slow done the process.

Since Russia controls Iran by funding their nuclear activities, Russia would have to be the ones then to convince Iran to stop any further nuclear developments. But the Russians will not do this unless there is something in it for them.

That something has a lot to do with building up additional resources and getting better prepared before engaging in war. The fact is, Russia was wounded very badly by the sanctions placed on it. So buying more time may be just what is needed at this point. This can only be done through peace and an agreement of peace, to help put many at ease and to end the conflict at least temporarily.

All of these things concerning Bible prophecy must happen exactly as they are, because God knows the beginning from the end and what must take place in order for Bible prophecy come to pass.

Jesus is coming very soon to save his chosen ones. These are the ones who have made the choice to ask Jesus to be their Lord and Savior and to turn away from their sins, to follow Him. As many things are happening behind closed doors, Jesus could come any day. So get your heart ready, do not be left behind for the hour of tribulation. This is when the nuclear war will break out, and many will die. So don't delay, come to Jesus and allow Him save you today.

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