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Putin's Trojan Horse

Putin's Trojan Horse
Putin's Trojan Horse
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The Russian Federations convoy of humanitarian aid for about the last week has been in limbo, until now. The convoy which was supposed to be waiting for approval by Ukrainian authorities to enter its territory has now crossed over the border. The convoy was supposed to be inspected by the International Red Cross and never got approval by either Russia or the Ukraine. This is an illegal incursion into the Ukraine by the Russians. On face value this could be looked at as an act of war. The world is condemning the actions by the Russians and they are looking at this as a possible prelude to war between Russia and the Ukraine.

Germany's Angela Merkel will be meeting with Ukrainian President Poroshenko over the weekend and Russian President Putin will be meeting with Poroshenko next week. Both of these meetings don't seem to be thought of as having any possibility of bringing any conclusion to the crisis.

While the convoy crossed over the border it seems that Russian artillery has been fired into the Ukraine. Putin has been pushing everybody's buttons over the Ukrainian conflict all along. It's possible that Putin has simply had enough with diplomacy and is merely wanting to make that final push into Ukrainian territory. The Ukrainian government has finally been making headway into rebel held territory and had taken the city if Luhansk. The government troops are on the outskirts of Donetsk and have been shelling the city for the last week.

The convoy has always been thought of as a way for Putin to send in Russian troops and arms to help the rebels fight back against Ukrainian troops. Putin has been taking a lot of flack from Russian Nationalists for not doing more against the Ukrainian troops. Since no one actually was able to inspect the convoy of trucks which has grown to some 160 trucks. Putin's Trojan Horse could easily blow up in his face. If there is more to this than just humanitarian aid this could bring the world closer to a military conflict than most would want to be involved in.