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Putin's Fairy Tale

Putin's Fairy Tale
Putin's Fairy Tale

Once upon a time, President Putin of Russia spoke to the world. He was telling his version of a story that is occurring as we speak. You see the story is of this little area called Crimea which used to belong to this country called the Ukraine. Putin tells us of all the rioting and protesting that was going on in the Crimea. He tells us how he was so afraid of all the Russian speaking people who were in dire straights and were in fear for their lives. He wants us to believe that the troops sent into the Crimea are there for the protection of those same people. He does not want war with the Ukraine but he will leave it open as an option. He wants us to know that it is up to the people of the Crimea to choose what direction that they wish to go. He thinks this is good for all involved and he does not understand why the west is reacting to all that has happened. He blames the United States for all that has occurred. He says he is upset with the west for considering sanctions against his country. He is hurt that some countries are pulling out of the G8 summit to be held this summer in Sochi.

Okay, that's the fairy tale he wants everyone to believe in, now here's the truth. Back in the fall, the Ukraine went to the European Union for a loan. The Ukraine is hard up for cash. Former President Viktor Yanukovych was talked out of the deal by Putin. In December, Putin was going to loan the Ukraine the money if Yanukovych broke off his ties with the European Union. The country caught wind of this and protests broke out. Western Ukraine is for the European Union and the Eastern Ukraine namely the Crimea is still aligned to its old Soviet Russian ties. Yanukovych is run out of town. He takes asylum in Russia and a new leader is voted in the Ukraine.

Pro Russian rallies start to take place in the Crimea and no one was being harmed or threatened. Some leaders in the Crimea who had ties with Russia start to cry wolf and the Russians move in. Now the Ukraine is still broke and in fear of Russia. The United States has said it will loan the Ukrainians 1 Billion dollars to help them keep afloat. Other countries have also spoken of sending aid.

Whats funny is that now the oil companies in Russia are saying what with the Ukrainian financial situation that they were going to cut the Ukraine off because of non payment. Now this would have hurt Russia and they would lose much money. Also in the equation is the Black Sea Fleet and the Russians only warm water port.

I say to you Mr. Putin your not a very good liar. All this bull shit is over money and oil, not lives in danger. There was never going to be any harm to any Russian speaking person in the Crimea. You are just worried about your oil, ships and money. I hope all this has been worth it.