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Putin Recalling Russian Troops

Putin Recalling Russian Troops
Putin Recalling Russian Troops
Vladimir Putin (Владимир Путин) facebook

Russian President Vladimir Putin spoke in the Kremlin yesterday at a news conference and told all that he had withdrawn Russian troops from the Ukrainian border and had told those Ukrainian supporters to halt a vote on whether to stay Ukrainian or not. Problem is it's all a lie. No one has moved anywhere off the border. He has even gone as far to say that the vote for a Ukrainian President would be supported only if demands for Eastern Ukraine autonomy would be recognized. OK, what gives this man the right to demand anything from another country. He went on to say that he looked forward to talks with his European counterparts over the situation in the Ukraine.

It seems German Chancellor Angela Merkel wants the warring factions in Eastern Ukraine to sit down and have talks over the situation. Western Nations were overwhelmed by Putin's about face but only for a short time. Unfortunately, Putin has shown effort to back up anything that he said yesterday. No troops have moved an inch and with the rhetoric that came from Putin during the Crimea incident no one believes him.

Analysts in Russia say that the about face that Putin talks about could be a sign that he may see Eastern Ukraine turning into another Yugoslavia fiasco. When all seemed to be going the right way but because no one could control the workings of the people involved total war broke out.

Putin is trying to reshape the Ukraine and that if war broke out it could become very costly and this would become a problem for him to handle. The problem with the Ukraine is that any sort of invasion by the Russians would turn all sympathies to Western Ukraine and Europe. Russia would be on the losing end.

Unfortunately, all that Putin accomplished yesterday was total confusion by all involved. From Washington, . London, Berlin, and Kiev and as a matter of fact the militants involved all seemed to be questioning just what Putin had up his sleeve.

The Russian President seems to be calling all the shots in this game of cat and mouse but just for how long. Sooner or later the world will grow tired of it and war will be the outcome. Mr. Putin are you ready for war.