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Putin makes Mo Ron Obama look like a total idiot

Barack “Mo Ron” Obama is our first affirmative action president, the first candidate totally unqualified and not at all vetted by a sympathetic liberal media, to be elected president despite having no claim of any qualifications for the office. I suspect Mo Ron Obama rode the short bus to school, and his only apparent proof of having attended Punihou School in Hawaii (since he hasn't released any grades or academic records) is hi participation in the “Choom Gang” with fellow students at the school. He claims to have attended Columbia University and Harvard Law School (both of which he no doubt gained acceptance in due to affirmative action), but won't release any academic records proving he attended either school. Students who attended Columbia at the time said they never Obama on campus or in their classes.

Mo Ron Obama is proven a complete fool

Sarah Palin was on Hannity on Fox News making fun of Mo Ron, pointing out he wears “mom jeans” and Vladimir Putin is known for wrestling bears. I don't know about this “mom jeans” thing but I know that Mo Ron Obama, who neither understands nor thinks we have any enemies except veterans and TEA party members who oppose his corrupt regime, and therefore doesn't stand up to our real enemies around the world, is a complete sissy-friss whose foreign policy is such a fantasy, even the liberal Washington Post admits it.

Putin is making Obama look like a total fool over the Ukraine invasion issues. Putin prepared the tanks in the Ukraine, and all girly-man Obama would do is draw another “red line” that Putin would laugh at. Like the Russian leader is really scared of the Obama Regime, what's Mo Ron going to do, fire spitballs at him for crossing the “red line?”

Next, Putin actually rolls the tanks. Obama sends his totally empty suit, and complete a$$hat, Secretary of State, John “liveshot” Kerry over there to tell Putin he can't do that. Well, Putin just did it. Then Kerry lectures on about how many meaningless treaties Putin has violated and how that's not how we do things in the 21st century. Hello John Kerry and Mo Ron, your antiquated socialist policies that were proven intellectually bankrupt in the 20th century, are not how we do things in the 21st century. Perhaps the fact that real unemployment, as measured by 1980 criteria, is at 21 percent right now, proves that. Or how about having more than 90 million able-bodies adults not working right now?

Finally the Washington Post, as noted above, admits that Mo Ron's foreign policy is a fantasy. They've known that all along and should have admitted it earlier. But not just foreign policy, every policy of this regime is a fantasy and phony. Everything about Mo Ron is fake, fraudulent, and phony. He's a complete failure, everything he's done is EPIC FAIL, and he's by far the worst, most imcompetent, and more inept president in the history of the country. We should have known, if we paid attention as early as 2007, how totally unqualified Barack Obama was to be president.

Now, with the crisis in the Ukraine, we see what an incompetent buffoon this president is and has been all along. A few weeks ago, Mitt Romney was right, when he said Putin as president of his country has outperformed our president. By being such a spectacular failure and colossal disaster, this president truly has earned the nick-name Mo Ron. And he richly deserves it for proving himself to be the total a$$clown that he is.

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