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Putin is a threat to national and global security

Vladimir Putin
Photo by Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Make no mistake ... Putin hates America with every ounce of fiber that he has and is probably already supplying high tech weaponary to our enemies ... foreign and domestic. And now ... with the U.S. Supreme Court's opening up of our country to foreign meddling with it's Citizens United ruling... we should not be surprised were we to find out that he has some elected and appointed officials in both political parties aiding and abetting him due the good old American Greenback.
Our nation and the world are in true peril not only from environmental catastrophe but also from multi-national corporations that work hand in hand with the Chinese mainland government and Putin"s government as well. Ironically, it is many neo-cons and some within our Progressive movement who either knowingly or unknowingly help out our buddy Mad Dog Putin by entering into business deals with him or just simply appeasing him.
Putin, is the phyical embodiment of the old twentieth century that hates movements like the Arab Spring and for that matter ...all of the new hopeful democratic movements that the twenty first century represents. He simmers about how his "old Soviet Union" is no longer in existence and chafes for a fight with whom he believes are those that insult his idealistic Russian Motherland. He represents a growing and grave danger not only to the national security of the United States but also to the stability of the world today.
Again, the great concern is ... to whom he is supplying terrible high tech weaponary and GOD forbid who he might be supplying unconventional weapons to also.

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