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Putin Ignores The West

Putin Ignores The West
Putin Ignores The West

Russian President Putin with the backing of the Russian Parliament entered the Crimean Peninsula of the Ukraine and literally for all purposes has taken it over. Vitaly Churkin, Ambassador for the Russian Federation to the United Nations in a thrown together security council meeting told everyone that the Russian forces were there at the bequest of the Crimean population. Yesterday morning the Prime Minister of Crimea Sergei Aksyonov relayed to the Russians that he had control over the military and police of the region and could the Russians come and help. Aksyonov is pro Russian and at the time the marching and demonstrations were being held by pro Russian civilians of the Crimea. Any violence was being done by the pro Russians. Most, at least a majority, of the Crimea is of Russian descent and has always wanted to keep its ties to mother Russia. This being said let's take a quick look at what has caused all this turmoil.

Former President of the Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych turned down a European Trade proposal due to pressure from Russia. Russia has always wanted to get it's hands back on the Ukraine and they found a friend in Yanukovych. The population of the western Ukraine has leaned toward the European Union and the eastern part of the Ukraine has always leaned to Russia. Unrest occurred by whose provocation no one knows at this time. Some are saying that it came from the United States but I disagree with that. The only one that would truly gain in this venture would be Europe. Thanks to our President and all the NSA crap the U.S. doesn't have many friends in the European Union right now.

If anyone has been doing the prodding it would come from Russia. Russia and its Black Sea Fleet have to travel through the Crimea to get to each other. Russia with a disrupted Crimea would become worried about the situation more than anyone else.

Putin has been pushing Obama's buttons for some time now. They have gone head to head over Syria and other issues. Putin thinks that Obama is a weak President who will do nothing over this situation. Sanctions and not attending the G8 summit this summer is all that has come out of the White House at this time. The European Union who has been involved in this situation from the beginning has said little since all the violence began.

This whole situation looks like a lesson from the past, namely Poland in 1939. Germany caused civil unrest and marched into Poland saying they were protecting German interests. Man does that sound familiar. Putin learned his history well and yes the west did nothing back then either.

Putin is traveling down a road he may not want to travel, but hey he has already taken the first step now it's up to the world to make up it's mind as to what to do.