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Putin given permission to use Russian troops in Ukraine

The situation in Ukraine has continued to remain volatile. It now looks like the Russian military may intervene in this conflict. Russian President Putin has been given permission to use the Russian military in Ukraine, reported Fox News on March 1, 2014. On Saturday Putin was given permission from parliament to mobilize the country's military in Ukraine.

Pro-Russian sympathizers, including one woman holding a sign that reads: 'The time has come to return my name! I am Russia. And not Ukraine!', in Simferopol, Ukraine.
Sean Gallup/Getty Images

The Russian parliament voted unanimously on this request and has also recommended that Moscow's ambassador be called home from Washington due to earlier inflammatory comments made by President Obama about Russian involvement in Ukraine. Obama recently warned Moscow that "there will be costs" if it intervenes militarily in Ukraine. Putin has said Russian military action in Ukraine is needed to protect ethnic Russians and the personnel of a Russian military base which is located in Ukraine's strategic region of Crimea.

The unanimous vote in an emergency session of the Russian parliament to allow Putin to send troops to Ukraine has now formalized what Ukrainian officials have described as an invasion of Russian troops in this strategic region of Crimea, reports ABC News. At this time there are also pro-Russian protests breaking out in other parts of Ukraine, which means Moscow now could send its military elsewhere throughout Ukraine. Pro- Russian protesters in Ukraine have raised Russian flags and are said to have beaten up supporters of the new Ukrainian government. This is a very tense time the world as tensions in Ukraine place serious strains on Russian/American relations.

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