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Putin Get Your Troops Out Of The Ukraine

Putin Get Your Troops Out Of The Ukraine
Putin Get Your Troops Out Of The Ukraine
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The European Union backed by the United States told Russian President Vladimir Putin to get his troops out of the Ukraine or face the consequences of more sanctions leveled against the Russian Federation. Last week under the guise of humanitarian purposes Russia opened up another front against Ukrainian troops. They simply came across the border and met up with the rebels to rake on Ukrainian troops. This confirmed what the world has known all along that Russian troops have been involved in the fighting of the Ukrainian conflict. Vladimir Putin to this day denies Russian involvement. The Ukrainian rebels for the last five weeks or so have been on the run. Their major strongholds have been on the retreat and at one point were within days of losing their fight against government troops.

Russia, two weeks ago, formed a humanitarian convoy and eventually just took it across the border with little conflict. All along Putin has told the world that he simply was wanting to help all those who were starving and in need of help. What he really did was supply a unit of soldiers consisting of 1000 men with artillery and tanks to open another front against Ukrainian troops. You see once the convoy of supplies crossed the border Russian troops with tanks and artillery simply crossed the border and started a whole new ball game. The rebels with Russian help have now been able to go in the offensive when if Russia hadn't interfered this conflict would be all over. Putin has now also gone on the offensive and told the Ukrainian government to make peace with the rebels or else.

This brought the worlds response and with Ukrainian President Poroshenko requesting entry into NATO this can become a global conflict if everybody is not careful.

Sanctions have begun to take a small hold on the Russian economy but not enough for Putin to blink. With NATO meeting this week and with President Obama in attendance Ukraine just may get its wish and be invited to join. This may be enough for Putin to blink because if he doesn't the world could finally see if Putin really wants to go to war over the Ukraine.