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Putin Finally Retaliates Over Sanctions

Putin Finally Retaliates Over Sanctions
Photo by Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Russian President Vladimir Putin has finally spoken out against the sanctions that the west have levied against businesses and individuals in Russia. He states that the tools of pressuring economically are unacceptable and go against all norms and rules. That's funny coming from a man who practically started this charade with the Ukraine.

Last fall he was upset that the Ukraine was going to sign a trade agreement with the European Union. When Ukrainians, who wanted to lean to the west rather than toward Mother Russia, found out that then President Yanuknovych had scrapped the idea and was bowing to pressure from Putin they simply ran him out of Kiev. An interim government was installed and Putin created a crisis along the border with the Crimea. Under the pretense of wanting to save all Russian speaking people in the Crimea Putin entered the country illegally and under the guise of a vote he took the Crimea and all it's resources. What the world didn't realize was that some seven years ago a study was done on the Black Sea and what lay beneath. The study found that a large amount of oil was laying below the floor bed. The projected amount of oil could tally into the trillions. The treaty allowed for the shoreline going out some 200 mile into the Black Sea. This now belongs to Russia not the Ukraine. Putin stole this under false pretenses.

The west started to sanction Russia economically and when Russia turned its interest to the rest of Eastern Ukraine the West sanctioned Russia even more. Eastern Ukraine had a group who wanted to go back to Russia, but Putin said no. Instead he gave them arms and training to use against the Ukrainian Government. In the meantime the Ukraine held elections and now have Petro Poroshenko as President. In recent weeks Poroshenko and government troops have been winning battles against the rebels this has made Russia nervous. The Russians now have some 20,000 troops, artillery, rocket launchers, and tanks amassed along the Ukrainian border. With the air strike that brought down Malaysian flight 17 killing all 298 on board the West has imposed more sanctions against Russia. The Americans have been using RC-135 aircraft to monitor troop movement on the border. This is how the west knows of what Putin might have in store for the Ukraine should the rebels be defeated. Putin up to this time has said nothing about the sanctions having always shrugged them off. His statements now seem to imply that these sanctions may have been accomplishing their required effect, money talks. If Putin feels that economic retaliation rather than armed action is unacceptable that's fine the west can also fight.

Look this conflict should never have gotten this far but Putin has not backed down simply being happy with the early Christmas present of the Crimea. He wants it all. This the west will not allow, but to go to war over this doesn't make sense. Putin has not said exactly how he will retaliate against the sanctions. Most likely he will do like the west has done and tie up money. Something all parties need to consider though is that winter in coming and it gets really cold in that area of the world. Many will freeze this winter and it will all fall on the head of Vladamir Putin.