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Putin Fights Back

Putin Fights Back
Putin Fights Back
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Russian President Vladimir Putin hit back hard yesterday against those countries who have placed sanctions on Russia over the Ukrainian crisis. He has ordered his country to cut trade with the importing of agricultural products and food supplies from the United States and Europe for the next fiscal year. All agricultural products from the United States that are usually sold to Russia will be prohibited. Any and all fruits and vegetables that are usually purchased from the European union will be banned. With this action Putin wants the world to know that Russia is not going to back down when it comes to the Ukraine. Russia is also considering not supplying the Ukraine with oil.

What has led up to this retaliation are the sanctions that were levied against Russia due to their involvement in the annexation of the Crimean Peninsula that took place in March. Russia's continued support of the Eastern Ukrainian separatists also contributed to these actions. Moscow has been supplying arms and training the rebels in there fight with the Ukrainian government.

In recent weeks the Ukrainian government has made strides against the Rebel separatists. Due to these losses Russia has increased its presence on the Ukrainian border. Currently there are enough troops and armor to supply seventeen battalions. The world has looked upon this possible aggression and threat in a negative way. It is because of these actions that the West has placed these sanctions against the Russian economy. With Putin's actions yesterday it lets the world know that the sanctions have begun to take there effect. Putin's response to these sanctions will lead to further Russian isolation and a possible collapse of there own economy.

Vladimir Putin has created this crisis in the Ukraine going all the way back to the fall of 2013. He has done nothing but act like a big bully. Now after finally feeling the consequences of the sanctions imposed upon him and his country he reacts like a little child who has been slapped in the face. The possible option left to Putin to save face with the world is to step down from further military action upon the Ukraine. He has been able to attain the Crimean peninsula's vast richness in oil and other resources. You would think that this would be enough. In realty he is trying to get everything he can at the expense of his own countrymen. Moscow and all the other large cities of the Russian Federation, this coming winter, will be scrambling for food. The Eastern Ukraine is just not worth all that Mr. Putin has made it out to be.