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Putin Changes Tune On Ukraine

Putin Changes Tune On Ukraine
Putin Changes Tune On Ukraine
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You no longer hear the threats of Russian incursion into the Ukraine. What you are hearing now is how much humanitarian aid is needed to help the Ukrainian nation. Putin has gotten what he really wanted all along and that is the Crimea. Putin has finally concluded that the costs are too high for Russia to become involved militarily, economically, or politically.

Moscow has not given up its goals or hopes for the Ukraine. Moscow wants the Ukraine to have no ties to NATO. Moscow does not want a tough and hardened Ukraine but weak and decentralized one. Moscow also wants a closer tie with Kiev. The two have been tied at the hip for many years and both don't to lose that friendship.

The country of Ukraine is nearly broke and is hoping the west can bail them out and protect them. Moscow feels with the beginning of winter coming up soon that the Ukraine will have to restore its relationship with Russia. What is actually cool is that Russia needs water and electricity and other immediate needs in the Crimea. Russia also wants to let all this controversy cool so they can regain the trust with the West.

Unfortunately the Eastern Ukraine is getting ready for war in the regions if Donetsk and Luhansk. The rebel Separatists have retreated back to these areas and it looks like they will take some final stand against the government troops. The Ukrainian Government troops had the rebels on the run but have started to feel some retaliation by the Separatists over the weekend. Putin has recently been giving the Separatists the cold shoulder or at least that's the coming out from the rebel camp.

Putin and Angela Merkel of Germany were going to be talking over the weekend while attending the World Cup Final. Russia is going to be the next host of the Cup coming in 2018. Merkel was in attendance because Germany was in the final. East and West are at odds as to how to proceed in the Ukraine. President Poroshenko has stated that there will be bloodshed with the Separatist's especially when they didn't get together in talks during a cease fire back in June.

Putin knows he is a position where he can wait to achieve a final victory in the Ukraine but for now he will look for the humanitarian approach when it comes to the conflict that in reality he created way back last fall and began the destabilization of his neighbor the Ukraine.