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Putin Boasts Russia Could Take Kiev In Two Weeks

Putin Boasts Russia Could Take Kiev In Two Weeks
Putin Boasts Russia Could Take Kiev In Two Weeks
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Russian President Vladimir Putin has stated that he could take Kiev in two weeks. Speaking to the President of the European Commission Jose Manuel Barroso he bragged of the possibility of taking Kiev in two weeks. Now since this statement Moscow has said that the words were taken out of context. The Kremlin has also said that the conversation was to be a secure private phone call between the two men. La Republica an Italian newspaper let the story out. The Kremlin has also stated the Russian President uses bravado in his conversation and that this is just a simple misunderstanding. I'm sure that the Russia who just recently invaded the country of Ukraine with some 1,500 hundred troops as well as tanks, artillery, and rocket launchers is now part of the southeastern front line that they formed with the Ukrainian rebels.

Putin has become very nervous with most of the old Soviet Union now being part of NATO and that Ukraine will also become part of the organization is worrying him terribly. Which of course the Ukraine just talked about asking to join NATO last weekend.

NATO has recently been talking of sending a rapid reaction force of some 4000 soldiers to counter attack the region of this new front that emerged right after all that humanitarian aid Russia brought into the Ukraine illegally about two weeks ago.

The on going tensions and this new bravado coming from Putin has brought a major dimension to this crisis that we haven't seen before now. Not even when Russia stole the Crimea back in the spring did anyone even blink. Now it looks like the world has simply had enough from Mr Putin. Will this slip of the tongue by Putin finally put the nail in the coffin? It is very possible. Since last year Mr Putin has been simply acting without conscience about anything that has taken place in the Ukraine. This is the week of the NATO summit that will take place in Wales. President Obama will be in attendance and one thing you can count on is that Vladimir Putin will try something to disrupt the proceedings.