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Putin asserts he knows better than the UN on Ukraine

Putin asserts he knows better than the UN on Ukraine

Smitten autocrat

Putin, the ultimate autocrat has determined that the Ukraine interim leader is not legitimate, according to a Fox News report this morning. His position is that because Russian people live next door in the Ukraine, Russia has the right to intervene.

That is a breach of international law, of course. The proper venue for addressing the situation in the Ukraine is the United Nations. Russia and Putin have no unilateral right to do what they are doing.

As Lawrence Korb said last evening in quoting Napoleon, “When the enemy is making a mistake, don’t interfere.”

Actually, the free world needs to take up the issue at the UN where they are doing so. They need to assess the situation to determine how to deal with Russia.

Germany is conflicted because a large portion of natural gas comes from Russia. That circumstance underscores the importance for nations to achieve energy independence, and especially dependence on fossil fuels.

How many ethnic Russians are illegal aliens in the Ukraine? That is interesting question. How many could be deported back to Russia?

“Putin warns West against sanctions, says Ukraine interim leader 'not legitimate'
Published March 04,

Will the West defend the Ukraine?

Russian troops take control of Ukraine's Crimean...

Russian President Vladimir Putin Tuesday blamed what he called an "unconstitutional overthrow and seizure of power" by Ukraine's opposition for the ongoing crisis in Crimea and rejected Western threats to punish Russia with sanctions by claiming that they will backfire if imposed.

Putin spoke at a news conference at his residence outside Moscow as U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry was en route to Ukraine to show his support for that country's interim government. That leadership has accused Moscow of a military invasion in Crimea. The Kremlin, which does not recognize the new Ukrainian leadership, insists it made the move in order to protect Russian installations and its citizens living there.

Putin said Tuesday that Moscow reserved the right to protect ethnic Russians in Ukraine by any means necessary, but added that force would be used only as a last resort.”

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