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Putin and The Pro Russian Rebel Separatists

Putin and The Pro Russian Rebel Separatists
Putin and The Pro Russian Rebel Separatists
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They came onto the world stage about six months ago. They wanted to become closer with Russia even going as far as wanting to join Crimea and become part of Mother Russia once again. When Russia said that might not be possible, they wanted more autonomy over their little area of Eastern Ukraine. This did not set well with Kiev and this is where the fighting began to take place. Rebels would take over government buildings and then take over military bases. Eventually they would control most of Eastern Ukraine.

When President Poroshenko was elected he made the attempt to negotiate with the rebels but to no avail. All the time Russia was arming the rebels with military hardware but talking with the world and saying that Russia only wanted peace in the region. It was last week when the world actually saw just what these rebels are all about.

The rebels with the help of Russian military shot down three planes. Two were Ukrainian the third was a Malaysian passenger plane. The world knows that it was the rebels who shot down the plane thanks to captured communications with area commanders. What probably took place is that the Russians would bring the BUK rocket launchers across the border and the rebels would do the work under the guidance of their Russian handlers. Problem is the rebels were not properly trained and they shot down a civilian plane. What's worse is rather than go check to see if there were any survivors the rebels went and looted the site where the plane came down. They looted the wallets and purses and then the bodies of the victims themselves. They would strip the victims of their clothes to leave the rotting bodies to decay in the summer sun. They walked by the dead children and stripped them also. They contaminated the crash scene so badly that any investigator who is allowed to tour the crash site will never be able to properly say who shot down the plane. Reporters who were allowed to view the crash site would find wallets empty of their contents. Pictures were taken of the bodies naked in the fields. Now, their clothes and valuables did not just come off in mid air and the first people on the scene were rebels. These people are no better than vermin.

Whatever their cause was lost all credibility last weekend. They are now viewed to be less than human and don't deserve the right to ever be viewed as part of the human race. You know, thousands of years ago when armies would fight the winners would strip the dead of everything but this was thousands of years ago. This would make the rebels nothing better than barbarians. If this is what Russian President Putin wishes to support then this would make Putin no better than a barbarian. Thus why then do we even bother to try and negotiate with this cockroach. The only thing a person does to a cockroach is to step on them and kill them.

The Pro Russian Rebel Separatists should be exterminated and wiped clean from this planet. They have finally handed over some 282 bodies to authorities so they can be granted burial. The rebels also have handed over what are believed to be the black boxes to Malaysian authorities. The crash site itself is supposed to be opening to investigators soon. The problem is that the area of the crash has been contaminated by these ignorant drunken vermin that we call rebels.

The only thing now is to bury the dead and then wash our hands of these rebels. If this is the type of soldier that Putin wants to back then so be it. This means that Putin cannot be trusted and should never have anything else to do with the rest of the planet. Russia it is time to wake up and see just what kind of leader you have in control. It is time to get rid of this bastard and become once again a trusted member of the human race. May the victims of Malaysian flight 17 REST IN PEACE.