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Put Your Resolutions on Paper

So it’s mid January and all of a sudden you realize you’ve already forgotten about your New Year’s Resolutions. Work has picked up, you’ve spent your days reorganizing your life post-holidays and between those tasks and your daily routine, your goals have somehow escaped you. You are not alone.

Write Down Your Resolutions
Camilla Carboni

The good news is, it is still January, so buckle down, get your resolutions in order and get back on track to making 2014 the year to remember.

You know what they say about writing goals down? If not, let’s recap:
Experts, backed by plenty of research have been preaching for centuries that a goal that is written down is 80-95% more likely of becoming a reality. In fact there was a study* done on Harvard MBA graduates back in 1979 to determine why, of such skilled people, some (just 3%) were so much more successful than the rest of the group (in fact they were making ten times more than the other 97% combined!) What amounted was that the majority had either no goals or had not committed their goals to paper (84% had no clear goals; 13% had not written their goals down) while the remaining highly successful 3% had committed their goals very clearly to paper. In my mind, that means if you’re not writing down your resolutions, there’s a very large chance you will not achieve them. So place the odds in your favor and head on down to one of Denver’s local paper stores. I’m not against Hobby Lobby and Michaels, but let’s support the smaller businesses and make your goal list truly unique.

By the way, if you’re thinking you’ll just type out your resolutions, that’s fine, just make sure you print them out, stick them on some fancy paper or cardstock and pin them to a board, or your laptop, or your fridge – anywhere you will see them often. That’s the second trick to realizing your goals – constant reinforcement.

So about these local paper stores…

The Stationary Company has roots that go well back to the 70s. It began as a one man print shop in Larimer Square and was later purchased and relocated to Cherry Creek, where it’s home remains today. There you will find everything from cards, notepads and ribbon, to invitations and personalized stationary.

The Papery was the Editors Choice Winner of the 5280 Stationary/Paper Good category. They have recently moved to East Hampden Avenue, where they boast an extensive collection of greeting cards, special occasion personalized stationary and computer compatible invitations.

Wordshop has a beautiful mission to revive the written word. They are located on Meade Street and specialize in customized invitations, preferably by appointment. You can also find bulk papers, boxed notes, pens, planners and journals. Plus they have a cute little blog, celebrating the many special moments they have written about.

Now you are out of excuses – get yourself some specialty paper worthy of your resolutions and write them out before January passes us by. Trust me, when you reach year-end and you’re living your resolution, it will be more than worth it.

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