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Put your phone away and increase your productivity

Put down your phone and increase productivity
Put down your phone and increase productivity
Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images

Productivity. Productivity. Productivity.

That's all you hear about in the corporate world. You need to be more productive, efficient, effective.

It makes sense. The more productive you are, the more money you make for your company and the less time (hopefully) you have to work each week. If you can increase productivity by 10%, you can cut your 50-hour weeks to 45 hours. Isn't that worth it?

The number one way you can boost your productivity at work is to put down your smart phone. It's killing your productivity.

You try to put it away but you get it out of your drawer every 10 minutes. That's not productive. What is so important that you can't go without your phone for an hour at a time? Not much!

If you simply cannot put your phone away, at least turn off all notifications. Those twitter and facebook notifications are not that important. Turn them off and get to work.

Also, if you do not take calls for work purposes on your smart phone, put your ringer on silent. Vibrate doesn't work. You'll still react to every buzz. Put it completely on silent.

Just by checking your phone once per hour instead of every 10 minutes, you will increase your productivity by 10%. That doesn't even account for how long you are on it every 10 minutes and how long it takes you to get focused back on what you were working on.

You can do anything for one day. Put your smart phone away in the morning. Check it every hour if you have to. Build up each day to check it less frequently. Eventually you'll get to a point where you won't check it but once or twice a day.

Seeing the increased productivity will benefit you in at least two ways. First, you will get your work done faster (and better) and be able to skip out of work earlier than in the past. Second, your boss will recognize your increased productivity and praise you for it.

You do want praise at work and at home right? Of course you do. So take the challenge. Put your smart phone away and get to work!

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